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5 ways to survive the post-festive blues

5 ways to survive the post-festive blues

We often need holidays or vacations to unwind from the rigors of everyday life. Many of us travel during the holiday season, visit family and friends abroad or enjoying sun somewhere far. But after a relaxing time, we might find ourselves confronted with piled-up work in the office or e-mails that need addressing. Just thinking of all that work would be enough to stress anyone who just came from a break. Then we come face-to-face with post-festive blues. Here are some pointers on how to keep those good vibes after returning from that much-needed rest: Sad woman

1. Take CBD to help you relax

Everybody needs a little time away from the tedious daily routines. However, some may not have the funds or resources to make this happen. Fortunately, there are ways you can have a happy vacation vibe at the comforts of one's home, and many of these are within our grasp. For instance, a warm bath or hot shower are natural relaxants which can also reduce one's feeling of loneliness. Even a short walk around the neighborhood can lift your spirit and give your mood a boost when you least expect it. Another excellent alternative for relaxation is by taking CBD. Also referred to as hemp oil, cannabidiol is one of the two main components that make up cannabis. THC is the other component which has psychoactive effects. These last few years, many countries have started to legalize the use of CBD for medical purposes. Both medical practitioners and scientists agree with this action because of CBD's therapeutic efficacy in helping people to relax. CBD can help reduce both behavioral and psychological symptoms. Visit your local pharmacy, and you can find several CBD-based products available there. You can choose any, depending on how you would want to take it.

2. Keep yourself well-hydrated

Unknowingly, your body dehydrates itself, and this happens when you eat a lot of salty foods, drink alcohol, and exposing yourself outdoors a lot. On the safe side against dehydration, make sure you imbibe about two liters of water daily or more if you're thirsty. You may get that jet-lag feeling while on your way to your holiday destination. More likely than not, you're just starting to get dehydrated. Stop over and drink. Don't worry too much about your circadian rhythm after taking a trip. Feeling lethargic tired, and having a headache are the most common symptoms of dehydration. These can even get aggravated by lack of sleep and alcohol consumption which usually happen when you spend your holidays abroad. Drink water

3. Ease back into your routine

After a hectic holiday vacation, make sure to slowly settle back to your usual routines. It's like depressurizing after a deep dive. You need some time to debrief then slowly return to your normal life. No matter how tantalizing it is to stay on vacation longer, keep in mind that this attitude might reverse all of the good purposes of your vacation, especially if you'll arrive home at 12:00 midnight and have to report in the office the next day at 8:00 in the morning. You can plan some activities for yourself when you return to reduce the impact of getting back to the real world. Simple things like attending a party, visiting friends or having a pampered session at the spa. These activities can help ease the transition as they will remind you that life isn't all about work or chores.

4. Remember the best parts of your holidays

When you have settled down from your holidays and are back to your normal routines, it would be nice to go through the photographs that you took during this festive period. Choose the most memorable shots and have them framed or you can post these on social media.  Although sad at times, nostalgia does bring back memories of good times and can enhance your mood. Studies conducted have indicated that food and memories are intricately tied and that certain foods can return us momentarily to our childhood days. This applies as well to your last vacation. To experience that vacation feeling again, you can whip up that favorite vacation meal and enjoy the meal the second time around. Or you can take the experience one step further. If you loved the foreign cuisine from those cities you visited, you could take up cooking classes to perfect the skill of making the dishes at home. Writing ideas

5. Make plans for your next trip

Photos will be constant reminders of that great time you had during vacations. Unfortunately, vacations end and the reality of returning to work begins. This creates an attitude problem. Although looking at photographs is a great way for you to capture some great memories, they also create an urge in us if we take them too seriously. Just accept the pictures as reminders of a great holiday. Keep in mind that you'll always have another chance to have another vacation soon enough. Without realizing it, the best part of a vacation isn't the vacation itself but the moments leading to it. Based on research, the mere planning of a trip can already arouse feelings of happiness, excitement, and anticipation. Don't worry about planning the trip during office hours because almost everybody does this anyway. During your breaks, go online to choose your next vacation destination. Planning is as exciting as the vacation itself!

Concluding thoughts

A vacation is an appropriate time to relax, unwind, and enjoy in your own space and time. When we get back, the same old story happens – everything looks mundane. To get over these uncertainties, one must recognize these "back-to-reality" feelings for what they are, balancing out and a return to normalcy. These simple tips will surely set the right tone for you to get back to work and enjoy it as nicely as the holiday break.

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