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9 great new year gift ideas from Verified CBD

9 great new year gift ideas from Verified CBD

The New Year is right around the corner. Nobody finishes their shopping around Christmas, so it’s time to be creative and make all your loved ones happy. Often, it’s hard to come up with creative ideas. While on the hunt for those last few gifts, it’s important to have an idea that will be both fun and useful to the person. CBD fits that bill perfectly. If you’re still struggling to find the right things for family and friends, take a look at our list of verified CBD gift ideas. Even people who aren’t into cannabis will love them and use them on a daily basis. Let’s take a look at our top 9 picks. New Years Gifts

1. Verified CBD Gummies

Oftentimes, you will find that a lot of your family members and friends don’t like smoking or vaping. No matter how widespread both trends are, there will always be individuals who don’t like it. This can make getting them into CBD more challenging but hold that thought. With verified CBD gummies, you can get something that everyone loves – tasty gummy bears in multiple flavors. As you present them to your loved ones, they will find it hard to say no to this delicious goodness.

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2. Verified CBD dog treats

When going for last minute holiday shopping, we often struggle to pick the right gift for our male and female friends. If you’re out of ideas about what to gift your friends, why not make their pooch happy instead? There is nothing they will love more than some quality CBD treats. This pack of tasty treats is currently 57% off, making it an offer you simply can’t refuse. The pack contains 30 treats with 5 mg of CBD in every single one.

3. Verified CBD Vape Oil

If someone in your family loves vaping or smoking cannabis, then we have the right CBD-themed gift for New Years. Verified CBD has recently launched their premier line of CBD vape oils, made to be enjoyed in more ways than one. Aside from the normal soothing effect of CBD, each 1.500mg bottle is equipped with a unique taste. We would recommend menthol for those that love stronger tastes. For ladies, Razzleberry and Apple might be ideal picks. Using the 55% discount, you can also stack for your own needs, too! Vape Oil

4. Verified CBD Daily Skin Re-Energizer

Buying the right gift can often be a hit or miss process. To avoid buying someone the wrong gift, you can always take the safe route and buy them this CBD daily skin re-energizer. Everyone wants to have healthy skin. Additionally, topical products are great ways to get your loved ones into CBD. This cream is ideal for both men and ladies, while also containing emu oil. Currently, you can save more money with more of these creams purchased. It’s an excellent way to take care of many different people while also saving money.

5. Verified CBD Anti-Aging Cream with Apple Stem Cells

This cream employs the iconic Swiss formula that many famous people use. Michelle Obama and Jennifer Lopez are just some of the many who have taken a liking to this type of formula. Verified CBD took that same cream and infused with a soothing dose of CBD for ultimate skin care. For that special lady in your life, buying this simple, but a useful gift is a great choice. It also has an apple aroma, which makes it a special pleasure to use.

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6. Buddha Teas CBD Teas

Is someone in your circle or family a CBD oil user but they hate edibles or tablets? If so, then we have the perfect New Year gift idea for you. Buddha Teas have launched an entire line of teas containing CBD. Since oil and water don’t mix, they use a different kind of water-soluble CBD to make tea drinking as enjoyable as possible. There are four different tastes - chamomile blend, matcha, turmeric, and ginger, as well as peppermint. This common drink infused with CBD is one of the simplest, yet greatest gifts you can buy. New year presents

7. CBDFX Stocking Stuffer

Christmas is gone until next year, but New Years also gives you an opportunity to gift someone this amazing bundle. CBDFX have jumped on the product bundle bandwagon and have come up with this interesting mix of CBD products. The stuffer contains a two CBD vape pen, one fresh mint and the other in tropic breeze flavor. In addition to these two, the pack also contains a pouch of gummies and a pack of CBD pills. A great bargain deal for the holidays.

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8. Mowellens Hemp Enhanced Honey

For anyone that loves both food and CBD, this is an ideal gift. Thankfully, modern technology allows us to infuse just about anything with CBD. Honey, a favorite of people around the world, is a logical choice for this activity. Mowellens really outdid themselves with The Keeper’s Stash, their brand of CBD-infused honey. The recipe is entirely natural and it doesn’t affect the usual taste and texture of the honey. Gifting this liquid CBD gold will make you the star of the entire holiday season. Anyone that loves cooking will adore this!

9. CBD Bath Bomb Pack

An image of an ideal night at home revolves around using a bath bomb and vaping some quality CBD oil. Why not mix the two together and gift yourself or someone else this 6-pack of bath bombs? Containing different kinds of cannabinoids, every bomb has 100mg of CBD. This allows for baths straight out of heaven. The product is entirely organic and contains essential oils, terpenes, and essential amino acids. Why not help your friends’ get their baths to the next level?

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Concluding thoughts

Sometimes, picking the right gift is a challenge. We hope that these great New Year CBD gift ideas will help you find the inspiration you need. Think outside the box and you will surely win over friends and family members with these gifts.

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