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About Us

Straight from the Founder of Verified CBD

Cannabidiol (CBD) has, over the last couple of years, gained traction in many regions as one of the most promising approaches to relieving many health conditions. It is on this note that I welcome you to the idea behind the formulation of Verified CBD.

Hello everyone, my name is Bob Chambers. I am a former pharmacist, and I am the Founder of Verified CBD, which is one of the fastest-growing CBD products manufacturers. The launch of the brand oil was not taken immediately; it was a well-thought-out plan that aimed at the improvement of the lifestyle and wellbeing of the users.

So, the focus in recent times has been on the use of CBD in relieving some of the health conditions. That’s what Verified CBD is here to do for you and everyone out there that are looking for cost-effective and practical ways of getting real-time solutions to specific health challenges.

Bob Chambers Signature

Bob Chambers
Founder of Verified CBD

Our Story

Bob Chambers, the founder of Verified CBD, had a close shave with death after having a fatal car accident in 2014, which riddled him with both emotional and physical pain. As a pharmacist and just like the average individual that depends on the Western medication, he thought that things would later get back to normal after constant use of the drugs, but contrary was the situation. So, he decided to do something that a pharmacist of his standing may not have encouraged patients to do in normal climes, which was turning to hemp for medication, and it was literally “the best decision of his life.” He used the CBD oil, which is one of the derivatives from hemp, which “literally changed his life.”

The remodeling in the varieties of products under Verified CBD, would go the extra mile to help you deal with many medical conditions.

With his medical background, he was able to delve into researches about hemp, and discovered that beneath this supposed plant (hemp) that has been kicked against in different quarters, has enough potency for relieving many medical conditions. He called it the “miracle plant” because of the impressive medical undertones it has.
Haven figured this out, he was snowballed into the brand we have today, which is the Verified CBD.

We Take Our Quality Seriously

Our brand has grown to become one of the sought-after CBD dealers not only in Florida but also in other parts of the world.

The range of products under Verified CBD are pharmacist formulated, strictly complies with industry leading GMP (Good manufacturing practices) and are regulated with the highest standards in the industry. Our products are third-party tested by FDA certified labs to ensure quality that can deliver real results.

We place a premium on quality and customer satisfaction and have more than 170,000 happy customers, which is a clear indication that we are worth our onions.

Just like market dealers from 2014 that enjoyed fast and free worldwide shipping, why don’t you take the cue and order from our wide range of CBD products straight from Florida, USA?

We thank you for stopping by our store and looking forward to you joining our growing list of happy clients that have found a new ease of life using the Verified CBD products.

Innovative Product Formulation

On all of our formulations, we work very closely with medical professionals to have comprehensive research and development conducted and work with our in-house chemist and formulating R&D Team. When it comes to value for money, product innovation and safety, Verified CBD proudly leads the industry. We are experts who have decades worth of experience working with and manufacturing genuine natural products. We know exactly how to extract the ingredients that we carefully choose and then process and formulate them, without using any synthetic chemicals. We have a strict policy that we uphold of having absolutely no GMO products.

Environmental Responsibility

Cannabis is a naturally occurring herb. Many over-the-counter and prescription medications offered to patients are synthetically produced, their production pollutes heavily and the overall effect they have on the body is also somewhat toxic, with all the unwanted side-effects.

We make our products without damaging the ozone layer, or using poisonous chemicals to improve flavor. Our products are simple to use, and they are biodegradable.

Pharmaceutical-grade Testing

Our USA Oil undergo rigorous testing. Advanced HPLC (HPLC-DAD) equipment is then used as in leading U.S. labs. We test for potency as well as for unique terpene profile, pesticides, heavy metals and microbiological contamination. This also makes it possible for us to be certain that any abnormalities are immediately reported to us. Attention to detail and good communication are critical to our processes here at Verified CBD.