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Unprecedented: Earn market leading 30% commission!

CBD market overview

CBD market size in the US in 2016 was $260m, which represents a 30% jump over the 2015 figures. The increase was largely due to an increasing number of states approving the use of CBD. Today, 43 states have already legalised CBD with the remaining states underway for 2018 ballot. Also, as of October 17, 2018, Cannabis is now legal in Canada, which means that CBD products are legal as well. This has spurred a global discussion and overview of cannabis, and other markets are looking to follow Canada’s example shortly.

CBD has become a billion dollar business with likes of Coca-cola and other major players committing large sums of money for new product development. By 2020 CBD consumer market sales are expected to rise 7 times and reach $2.1B.

According to the recent Brightfield Study by an industry expert, 57% of CBD users responding continue to use both CBD and other medications to help with their ailments. This shows that pharmaceutical drug users are embracing the benefits of the natural CBD remedy to improve their wellbeing. Also, another research suggests that existing medical marijuana users are willing to give CBD a try. United Nations found that 138m people used marijuana in 2014. This represents ca. 4% of the global population. Similarly, researchers have found that over 94m people in the USA have self-reported using marijuana at least once.

Awareness about the benefits of CBD has already triggered a rise in adoption and continues to spark interest among more and more people. As a result, an increasing number of people are turning to Google (and other channels) to get their answers and try CBD products with search queries on the topic now at all-time highs.

CBD industry size in 2016 was $260m and by 2020 is expected to reach $2.1B

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  • Sleep Spray
  • Dog Treats
  • CBD Oil
  • CBD Capsules

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