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Can CBD cause heart palpitations?

Can CBD cause heart palpitations?

Let’s clear this up right away: there is no proven connection between CBD and heart palpitations. On the contrary, many people use CBD to help improve the health of their heart. Its relaxing properties can actually ease symptoms of anxiety, such as a rapid heartbeat, and studies suggest that CBD may actually help support the cardiovascular system. 

If you’re concerned about CBD heart palpitations, there are numerous scientific studies that show you needn’t be worried at all.

CBD and heart palpitations

CBD is a scientifically endorsed product that is growing in popularity as a safe, alternative treatment for such conditions as chronic pain, anxiety, and inflammatory diseases. But due to the association between cannabis and rapid heart rates, some people worry whether CBD can cause heart palpitations. 

What are heart palpitations? 

Palpitations are heartbeats that become noticeable to due their suddenness, fluttering sensation, or irregularity. You will usually notice heart palpitations because of the change in the rhythm and intensity of your heartbeat. But they are harmless in most cases.

Some people worry about heart palpitations when using CBD oil because it comes from the cannabis plant, and many feel the effect of heart palpitations when they use cannabis. THC is the compound of cannabis that increases your heart rate. It relaxes your body in a way that lowers blood pressure then increases heart rate to make up for it. But CBD is not THC—and, in fact, it’s a THC-free product. CBD does not have the same effects and does not impact the cardiovascular system in the same way.

CBD does interact with the cardiovascular system, but in a positive and strengthening way. It also targets other bodily systems and ECS receptors as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant agent. The growing body of research on this topic suggests that CBD does not affect heart rate or blood pressure. So, CBD heart palpitations are not known to be a problem.

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Can CBD be helpful for heart palpitations?

Rather than causing heart palpitations, many people argue that CBD can actually be helpful for them. CBD has relaxing qualities that can soften such symptoms as anxiety, paranoia, and rapid heartbeats. In fact, many people use CBD products as part of a treatment for heart conditions and preventing heart disease.

Studies suggest that CBD benefits the cardiovascular system. Research shows CBD may relax arterial walls, reduce inflammation linked to heart disease, lessen artery blockage, and suppress cardiac arrhythmia. All these things are a vital part of preventing future conditions and supporting the strength of your heart and its properties. While many studies around CBD and heart health are still underway, their results promisingly suggest that it can be used to improve your heart health. 

What CBD products are best to use for heart palpitations?

CBD taken orally is often recommended for people suffering from heart palpitations. Consumed regularly and consistently as a daily supplement, CBD can become a healthy part of your routine. Two of the most convenient and effective ways to ingest CBD is through oil or gummies. We have outlined the benefits of both and how to use these CBD forms below.

Can CBD oil help heart palpitations?

Put simply, yes. CBD oil has been known the lessen the symptom of heart palpitations. According to studies, heart palpitations when using CBD oil are uncommon due to its relaxing qualities and ability to take the edge off anxiety. You can take CBD oil by simply placing the drops beneath your tongue and holding it there for a minute, so your body has a chance to absorb it. Taking CBD oil for heart palpitations could be a way to improve your overall heart health and act as a preventative approach.

Another option is vaping CBD oil for heart palpitations. By heating and inhaling the oil, you can consume CBD through a vape pen or vaporizer. It offers all the medical benefits of CBD without the high of THC—so you can use it for your heart health without having to worry about heart palpitations side effects.

Can CBD gummies cause heart palpitations?

CBD gummies are not likely to cause heart palpitation since, just like other CBD products, they do not contain THC. Many people prefer to ingest CBD through edibles because of the slow release and convenience. CBD gummies come in varying doses so you can find the right amount for your body and needs.

It’s best to start with a low dose of CBD at first, and then work up to higher amounts as needed until you feel a difference. Consistency is also important with CBD, so try to regulate your intake to the same time everyday as part of your daily routine. Taking CBD with food can help ensure the body absorbs it evenly. But be sure to consult your doctor before consuming CBD products. Although CBD is a safe treatment, you want to ensure that it won’t interfere with or affect any existing medical conditions or medications.

Final thoughts

Because it does not contain THC, which is known to increase heart rates, CBD is not known to be a cause of heart palpitations. Just because you have suffered from a rapid or irregular heartbeat while consuming cannabis doesn’t mean the same will happen when you take CBD. In fact, various scientific studies have shown that CBD may actually support heart health. It can be used to relax your body and slow the rapid heartbeats that might be caused by anxiety, and may also be effective when used preventatively due to the way it interacts with the cardiovascular system. In sum, research suggests that CBD is helpful to your heart, not harmful.