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Can CBD help with psoriasis?

Can CBD help with psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a non-contagious skin disease in which the skin turns dry and scaly. It usually affects the arms, elbows and knees. The dryness soon turns into insufferable itchiness. The disease in itself is not dangerous but hard to cope with. The inflammation can also spread to joints. Conventional medicines seldom yield any signific ant effects. 

There has been a lot of hype about the health benefits of CBD over the years. It is known to be especially beneficial for skin conditions. One can’t help but think—does CBD help with psoriasis? Let’s find out. 

How does CBD help with psoriasis?

CBD works wonders for alleviating the signs and symptoms of psoriasis. Plenty of anecdotal evidence backs up the beneficial role of CBD for psoriasis care. Here is how CBD can help with psoriasis. 

Improves immunity

Psoriasis is an auto-immune disease. It results when immune cells of body mistake the normal skin cells as foriegn invaders. The immune cells, thus, start attacking normal skin cells. The result is formation of big dry, scaly, itchy patches on skin. 

CB2 receptors are primarily located on the immune cells. Activation of CB2 receptors leads to immune boost. The optimization of immune functions keeps aberrant immune activity in check. CBD can, therefore, prevent disease propagation. It can also help reduce the chances of the disease flaring up again in the future. 

Relieves inflammation

The anti-inflammatory potential of CBD is well-known. CBD interferes with the inflammatory cascades. It can prevent the signs and symptoms of inflammation. These include redness, itching, pain and skin warmth. 

CBD can counter the skin inflammation associated with psoriasis. It can, therefore, prevent the formation and further spread of scaly patches on skin. 

Alleviates pain

Psoriasis often causes joints to become inflamed, swollen and painful. The condition can become quite debilitating. CBD helps alleviate pain by altering pain perception. It especially helps with chronic pain. CBD helps overcome joint inflammation and pain. CBD reduces the severity of pain associated with psoriasis. It also helps improve the range of motion of the affected joints. 

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Relieves itchiness

CBD helps lessen the itchiness associated with psoriasis. Topical preparations of CBD readily seep into the skin. They help restore the internal environment of skin cells (homeostasis). It helps improve skin turgor. The resultant boost in skin hydration keeps itchiness at bay. This action is also brought about by the anti-inflammatory actions of CBD. 

Promotes healing

CBD has profound effects on wound healing. This effect is mediated through its interaction with the CB2 receptors. The immune boost associated with CBD use increases the healing of skin patches. CBD also possesses antioxidant potential and inhibits the free radicals formed in skin. These free radicals can hamper healing. By removing these toxic substances, CBD improves the healing of skin patches. 

What types of CBD products are available for psoriasis?

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A number of CBD based products can be used to cope with the signs and symptoms of psoriasis. The include

  • CBD oil: can be taken orally or applied topically. 
  • CBD tinctures: taken orally or topically 
  • CBD capsules: can be taken by mouth only
  • CBD ointments/salves: meant for local use only

Here is how you can use CBD for psoriasis. 

  • CBD ointments or salves work best for psoriasis. They are especially formulated for topical use. Topical CBD directly acts on the affected skin tissues. It thus relieves the pain, dryness and itchiness associated with psoriasis. It can also be used topically for inflamed joints. CBD ointment for psoriasis is far more effective than oral formulations.  
  • If the condition is widespread, CBD oil, tinctures or capsules can also be used. They allow CBD to enter the blood circulation to exert widespread effects on skin and joints. 
  • A combination of oral and topical CBD products for psoriasis can also be employed. While doing so, caution must be exercised not to exceed the daily recommended dose of CBD. Upto 300mg of CBD per day can be safely tolerated for up to 6 months. 

How to use CBD oil for psoriasis


  • You can ingest the required number of drops of CBD oil directly.
  • If the taste is too strong for your liking, you can add CBD oil to your regular non-alcoholic beverages and food. 

How to use CBD ointment for psoriasis

cbd psoriasis

  • CBD ointment can be directly applied to the affected areas of the skin. 
  • Take care to completely cover the affected skin patches with the ointment. 
  • Do not rub the ointment into the skin. 
  • You can use the ointment once or twice daily depending on the results. 

How much CBD should be used for psoriasis?

The dose of CBD for psoriasis depends on

  • The severity of symptoms
  • Your body weight
  • The amount of CBD in the product

This table can help you figure out the daily dose of CBD that you need. . 


cbd dosage

For example, if you are a normal 75kg (165 lbs) adult suffering from moderate symptoms of psoriasis, you need to take 22.5mg of CBD daily. You can fulfill this requirement either in the form of CBD ointment or CBD oil. 

Bottom line

CBD is a natural therapy that has proved to be a beacon of hope for many people with psoriasis. Its multifaceted actions help alleviate the signs and symptoms of the disease. Always buy from reliable retailers that make high-quality CBD products. Afterall, your skin deserves only the best.

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