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Can taxi drivers use CBD oil?

Can taxi drivers use CBD oil?

With the confusion surrounding many use cases of Cannabidiol (CBD) all over the world, it has become challenging to discover what is genuine and what is not. In recent years, many CBD lovers have been wondering about what is legal for CBD and what is not. It is more prominent, especially when it comes to the people that ought to use it. The medical and recreational marijuana industry is booming, and at the same time, more people are passionate about using CBD products, which have been affirmed for their therapeutic properties.

On the other hand, the question on the lips of many people is: can taxi drivers use CBD oil? The fact is that the use of CBD products by many individuals around the world might be limited to others in different industries, such as the transportation sector. Read on to discover if the CBD oil is perfect for taxi drivers.

Can taxi drivers use CBD oil?

While attempting to answer the question bordering on the usage of CBD oil by taxi drivers, it’s essential that the concise interpretation of the oil is given. . CBD is one of the over 100 cannabinoids that are found in cannabis plants. However, CBD and THC are the most common of these compounds, because of the potential benefits they have for health.

On the one hand, CBD is famous because of the many health benefits it has over THC. That is so because CBD doesn’t have psychoactive properties that make you feel high. Instead, it has more of the therapeutic properties that offer relief to the body while alleviating pain.

It’s in the light of it that many taxi drivers have begun to take to the use of the CBD oil. Ideally, taxi drivers spend many hours on the road and tend to be both homesick from missing their loved ones and suffering from chronic pain because of the long hours they spend driving. Therefore, using CBD oil that promises to alleviate pain and help them through depressing states is an excellent way to be alert at all times in their line of duty.

The legality of CBD oil

Now, the legality of CBD oil for taxi drivers can be adjudged from different perspectives. The positive aspect would be evaluated before the negative would be looked into. The first is the therapeutic properties that also help the users (taxi drivers in this instance) to get through pain and discomfort without breaking a sweat. Second, the use of CBD oil and, indeed, some other CBD products, has been legalized in some states. So, if a taxi driver is a resident in such regions or states, then such taxi drivers might be free to use the CBD oil. The third and most important is the possibility of getting clearance from the establishment or company the taxi drivers work for before using the product.

On the other side, there are many challenges that come with using CBD oil for taxi drivers. The answer to the use of CBD oil by taxi drivers is technical and lies between a yes and a no. Technically, CBD oil might not be the best pick for taxi drivers because CBD itself is still considered illegal at the federal level. In the light of that, using any other products like the CBD oil derived from it tends to receive the same unlawful status and would be treated as such. Therefore, taxi drivers should be sure that the state they reside in or work has legalized the use of CBD oil. That way, they would have something to recline back on when the federal authorities begin to clamp down on the usage of the oil.

More so, taxi drivers that work on an intrastate basis might be allowed to use the CBD oil and still have a taxi. If, on the other hand, the rules of engagement of the taxi drivers border on their duty designation on a regional basis, then utilizing the CBD oil or any other CBD products may still be considered illegal.

Above all, if the taxi drivers must use the CBD oil for either the recreational or the medical purposes, then specific factors must be observed. The first is to ensure the average THC content of 0.3% is not exceeded in the oil. Although the quantity might differ by brands, the drivers must ensure that the actual traces of THC in the CBD oil are verifiable. The second step is for the taxi drivers to disclose to your employers about their usage of CBD oil. The prior information helps the employers to be sure of the type of CBD oils their taxi drivers use. It also helps to keep them informed and not surprised about the outcome of their taxi drivers' drug tests.

What about hemp oil?

With the apparent clampdown and restrictions on the use of the CBD oil by taxi drivers, many of these drivers have turned their gaze to the hemp oil. But, does the hemp oil have any difference from CBD oil? Is it better to use hemp oil instead of CBD oil? Find the answers to these posers below.

Worthy of note is that the hemp oil and the CBD oil are different. Although many people, including cannabis users, tend to confuse them to be the same, specific attributes set them apart. The first is that the method of pressing is different. On the one hand, CBD oil is a non-psychoactive compound that is derived from marijuana and hemp and contains some minimal levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is not above 0.3%. On the other hand, the production of the hemp oil done by pressing the hemp stalks or seeds to extract the oil. The fascinating thing is that the extracted oil doesn’t contain either of the THC or CBD.

In the light of the fact that the hemp oil doesn’t contain CBD or THC, it has been assumed in many quarters that using it is a feasible way of solving some of the medical challenges faced by taxi drivers, notable among which is the lower back pain. Interestingly, the hemp oil is used in the food industry, is safe to consume, and has been reported to relieve pain and stress. Therefore, many taxi drivers might consider using it as an alternative to the CBD oil that tends to have more THC contents depending on the plants used and the manufacturers’ procedures.

Can you test positive on a drug test?

Failing the drug test is one of the many reasons why many taxi drivers are having feet of clay in continuing with the use of CBD oil. So, is it possible to fail or test positive on a drug test by using CBD oil?

The fact is that you and many other taxi drivers are liable to test positive on a drug test for several reasons. The first is that the traces of THC in the CBD oil tend to accumulate over time, and begin to reflect on the drug testing. Therefore, even when your intention of using the oil is to use the therapeutic properties to get relief, the chances are high that you can still fail the drug test. That is so because the test’s analysis finds it challenging to distinguish whether the THC discovered during the testing came from the traces of the same in the CBD oil or the ones in marijuana.

What CBD products to use

CBD products have undeniable traces of THC in them. If CBD oil isn't your thing, then you might want to do further research to discover other CBD products that are good for your health and which can also scale through a random drug test. Also, consider using CBD products that are not only full-spectrum but also the ones that are easier for you to consume.

What should taxi drivers do?

In the light of the clues as mentioned above and facts, what are the options open to taxi drivers? taxiers still have many options if they are intent on using CBD oil. The first is to inform the employers about the ailment or medical challenge they have that reported the use of CBD oil. The second is to ensure the oil comes from reputable brands like Verified CBD that deal with CBD products that are compliant with the dictates of the authorities. The third and most important is to “keep the laws of the land" by using CBD oil in states and regions where it is legal.

As a taxi driver, you tend to have many health challenges ranging from joint pains to lower back pains. There are also tendencies for depression and stress. Whichever challenge of health problems you face, you can be confident that the use of CBD oil can go the extra mile to fix the problem in good time. Above all, ensure that the CBD oil you're using does not surpass the 0.3% THC content and that you take the recommended dosage as and when due.

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