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Can Truck Drivers Use CBD Oil?

With medical and even recreational marijuana use now being legal in a lot of states, many people are raising exciting and crucial questions. For example, can you use CBD products while working? This question is a particularly burning one for truckers and long-distance drivers. With CBD products becoming a common occurrence in many workplaces, but news of companies penalizing truckers for using CBD while working becoming more frequent, the questions remains — can truck drivers use CBD oil?

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CBD Oil 101

It’s important to note that using CBD oil isn’t the same as smoking pot or taking edibles that contain THC. CBD oil has minimal amounts of THC (under 0.3%), and it’s, therefore, not a psychoactive substance. Essentially, that means that you won’t get the “high” effect, nor will you experience symptoms like dizziness, anxiety, dry mouth, etc. — the common symptoms associated with marijuana use.

CBD products, like CBD oil, contain minimal amounts of THC and offer benefits like pain relief. Truck drivers are notoriously known for their lower back issues — a common occupational hazard. With laws changing, many of them are turning to CBD oils as alternative pain management solutions.

However, are they risking their jobs while doing so?

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Can truck drivers use CBD oil?

The answer to this question isn’t that simple. Technically, it falls somewhere between a yes and a no. Truckers can use CBD oil but are often advised to inform their employers before the obligatory drug test that they are using it and what they are using it for.

However, it’s important to note that laws differ among states. While CBD oil and other CBD products are legal in, say, Oregon or Nevada, even for recreational use, they are completely illegal in Idaho, Nebraska, and South Dakota.

Furthermore, truck drivers are federally restricted workers. Under federal law, marijuana is still a regulated drug, even though many states have legalized its use. All truck drivers have to abide by this federal law. Essentially, that means that you can’t fail your drug test. What’s more, you can’t have marijuana or any related products on you, even if they are CBD-based.

Using CBD oil is a significant risk for truckers, as it can cost them their job.

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What about hemp oil?

Hemp oil doesn’t contain any traces of THC nor does it contain any cannabinoids. It’s used in the food industry and completely safe to consume, no matter what type of job you do.

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Can CBD oil trigger a positive result during drug testing?

Even though there are CBD oils that claim they are “100% pure and without THC” you have to understand — it’s extremely hard to completely eradicate all traces of THC from the oil. Even the purest forms of isolate CBD have small amounts of THC in them. In theory, that means that you can test positive on a drug test, even if you are only using CBD oil for its therapeutic benefits like pain relief or management.

Furthermore, the drug testing and analyzing can’t differentiate if the THC came from marijuana or it’s a result of trace amounts in the CBD oil. Therefore, there’s no way to prove that you’re using legal medicinal aids.

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A word to the wise

So, what’s the bottom line — can truck drivers use CBD oil? The chances of testing positive for THC while using CBD oil are low. However, the risk is still undeniable. Therefore, you have to make an educated decision for yourself — do benefits outweigh the risks? If you’re looking for a reliable supplier of verified CBD products, check out — the clue is in the name!