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CBD and chiropractic treatment

CBD and chiropractic treatment

An introduction to CBD

At the turn of the 21st century, CBD (or cannabidiol) went from being a little-known molecule to one of the most significant medical breakthroughs due to its potential holistic healing and medical benefits. CBD is now hailed as the holy grail of alternative medicine, owing to its holistic healing potential.

During the last decade, CBD hit the shelves in a variety of formulations. You can eat CBD, drink it, rub it on your skin, and even vape it. From both business and therapy points of view, cannabidiol has shown great potential so far. And when combined with the established practice of chiropractic treatment, its benefits may be even greater.

What is CBD?

CBD is a chemical compound and a member of the phytocannabinoids family. It’s one of the hundreds of compounds derived from the cannabis plant, mostly from the non-psychoactive strains of cannabis, called hemp.

As you will learn throughout this eBook, CBD can be consumed in different forms to provide the health benefits of the plant without the psychoactive properties usually associated with cannabis and tetrahydrocannabinol (another widely known compound, known as THC for short).

The two compounds differ from each other in their intoxicating potential. While THC induces a high state in users, CBD does not, which makes CBD ideal for personal use. It can provide a gentle, relaxing feeling that has been shown to improve the general wellbeing of users.

CBD has gripped the attention of the global community due to its high therapeutic potential. The compound has active properties that make it a rallying point for the medical community and the general public. We know the similar medical benefits of chiropractic treatment and the positive influence that it can have on health and happiness, and now CBD is being embraced by chiropractors to support their practice.

How to boost chiropractic treatment results with CBD 

In recent years, many chiropractors have begun incorporating CBD supplements into their treatment plans. In the field, CBD is used for alleviating pain caused by trauma/spine problems, superficial pain, and muscle tension-related pain, to name just a few. Many of the benefits of CBD are similar to the benefits of chiropractic treatment; it should come as no surprise, then, that a combination of the two can enhance treatment for patients and improve recovery. 

Chiropractic treatment helps relieve problems in bones, muscles, and joints, and is often the go-to support for people suffering from back pain. Neck pain and shoulder pain are also common ailments that chiropractors treat. CBD has been shown to relieve discomfort and relax muscle tension in those pain points and can be both supplementary and complementary to chiropractic adjustments.

In our modern world, with many people suffering from back or neck pain from sitting at work or hunching over screens, getting regular chiropractic adjustments is becoming increasingly important. CBD is considered an alternative or complementary supplement—and its popularity continues to soar in a world where more natural and effective health choices are leading to happier lifestyles. 

What benefits of chiropractic treatment can CBD improve?

Chiropractic treatment offers a wide range of health benefits, from alleviating pain and discomfort to realigning the body to improve function—and CBD can enhance these benefits. Patients often look to chiropractors for regular adjustments to maintain overall health and wellness, rather than just when they are feeling pain. In the same way, CBD can easily be integrated into your daily routine as part of a balanced, healthy, natural lifestyle.

So, how specifically can CBD boost the effects of chiropractic treatments?

Pain relief

The main purpose of chiropractors is to relieve pain for their patients. Problems in the muscles, bones, and joints can cause daily discomfort for people and worsen their quality of life. Chiropractic practices aim to alleviate that and promote greater function. Research suggests that CBD has pain-relieving properties and is known to lessen muscle tension and inflammation. It could enhance the results of chiropractic treatments both during and between sessions.

Easing anxiety

There is a two-way relationship between pain and anxiety. Chiropractors work with patients who deal with muscular issues due to stress, and with patients who might be suffering from anxiety due to chronic pain. While chiropractic treatment can help relieve the tensions caused by anxiety in the body, CBD can help relax their mind and ease mental stress. CBD also has muscle-relaxing properties to support the work of the chiropractor to ease any tension that the body is holding onto. 

Improved sleep 

Chronic pain and discomfort can disturb sleep patterns. While chiropractors try to improve their patients’ sleep by helping relieve the pain and tension in their bodies, some may continue to experience insomnia, have trouble falling asleep, or wake during the night. CBD can be supportive of chiropractic by relaxing the body and mind, making the user less tense and alert and more peaceful to promote better sleep.

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Which form of CBD is best for chiropractic treatments?

All forms of CBD are great for supporting chiropractic treatments, as CBD is a completely natural and safe option. Since the main pain points for patients treated by chiropractors are the bones, muscles, and joints, topical CBD products are often ideal. However, various products are available and it is worth exploring them to help you decide which one suits your preferences, taste, and condition.


Creams are a good option for people who have pain or soreness in a specific part of the body, as topical CBD products impact the area on which you apply them. If you have pain in a specific joint or muscle, you can apply CBD cream to help alleviate the discomfort in that particular spot. You can apply it just after treatment and use it during the time between your chiropractic adjustments.


CBD oil and other solutions often come in a bottle with a dropper. You can mix the oil with food or drink or ingest it directly by dropping the recommended dose under your tongue and holding it there for a minute before swallowing. You can also apply oil to your skin (like CBD creams) and it can be especially useful during massages. The skin will absorb the oil and the massage will help treat tension at the same time—so the point of pain will receive a lot of therapeutic attention.


Capsules are a good option for absorbing CBD evenly into your body. They are a tasteless alternative to ingesting CBD oil, and although the effects are very similar, it may take you longer to feel them. One benefit of using CBD capsules is that it is easy to measure your dose.

Final notes

Whether you are a chiropractor or a patient, it is important to always check the source of the CBD in your products and the laws in your locale, ensuring there are no restrictions or knowing the specific rules you have to follow to use CBD products.

When evaluating CBD products for the safety of your patients make sure that the CBD products you choose are made from natural rather than synthetic CBD. Although cheaper and potentially stronger at the beginning, the latter type of CBD has been making headlines for the number of people hospitalized due to the side-effects (which do not occur when using natural CBD). For the same reasons, synthetic CBD products have even been banned by the US Army. Therefore, when choosing your CBD product supplier, make sure to do your due diligence and pick a reliable supplier.

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