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CBD capsules review 2020

CBD capsules review 2020

CBD, or cannabidiol, is an active ingredient derived from the cannabis plant. More specifically, it’s one of over 100 cannabinoids that can be found in marijuana and hemp plants, along with THC. Unlike THC, however, CBD is not a psychoactive compound and consuming it will not lead to a high.  

Many people are interested in the benefits of using CBD capsules, but aren’t ready to purchase them before learning more. This CBD capsules review will help answer many of the most common questions about this product.

What are CBD capsules?

CBD products come in many shapes and forms. Understandably, when choosing a method of consumption, it can be difficult to decide which CBD product will best help with a specific problem. 

Moreover, inexperienced CBD users may have some difficulty finding the right dosage to would help alleviate their pain. CBD capsules seem to be the perfect solution to that problem.

CBD capsules are essentially soft, soluble containers, typically made of gelatine and filled with CBD. They look like standard medicine capsules and they have no taste, unlike most CBD oils.

How do CBD capsules work?

Problems such as anxiety and chronic pain occur when something in the body is out of balance. CBD capsules impact the body’s endocannabinoid system and give it a boost of cannabinoids, helping it to function properly. 

For example, a CBD capsule may help alleviate chronic pain by latching onto the pain receptors in the brain and essentially adjusting the way the brain perceives pain. Furthermore, it could also bind to the receptors in the inflamed area, which would help relieve the physical pain.

Side effects

There’s good news when it comes to side effects; taking CBD capsules generally leads to few, if any. 

Fatigue is one of the most common side effects of CBD consumption. However, even that goes away after the body gets used to the capsules. Other side effects may include dryness of the mouth, diarrhea, or nausea — but these are all quite rare. If they do occur, the best solution is to consult a medical professional. 

Although generally considered a safe supplement, CBD capsules aren’t recommended for children, pregnant women, and women who are breastfeeding.

How to take CBD capsules

One common question that people ask about these capsules is how to take them. Luckily, the process is straightforward — so when it comes to ease of use, taking CBD in the form of capsules takes the top spot, especially for people that don’t smoke or vape. 

Taking a CBD capsule is no different than taking any other type of pill. You simply place the capsule inside the mouth on the tongue and take a drink of water to help you swallow it. Since the dosage is predetermined, there is no danger of accidentally ingesting too much CBD. That alone makes capsules one of the most practical methods for taking CBD.

How effective are CBD capsules? 

CBD capsules are available in a variety of different dosages. Finding the correct one depends on several factors, including body weight, concentration/dosage, and the severity of the symptoms you’re trying to relieve.

A dosage as small as 20 mg can be sufficient for one person to help relieve pain and too little for another.

CBD may help alleviate pain in two ways:

  1. By helping the endocannabinoid system regulate the CNS (central nervous system)
  2. By alleviating inflammation caused by pain in the body

CBD capsules may help with a wide variety of conditions.

How to find the right dosage

To figure out the correct dosage, it’s best to start with a 10 mg capsule and gradually increase it over the course of a few days. The usual recommendation is consuming 10 mg for three days, then adding ten more on the fourth day, etc. 

Understandably, finding the right dosage may take some time — but once you do, the benefits seem to outweigh the drawbacks.  

Trusted CBD manufacturers usually include a label that contains a dosage recommendation. This makes the entire process of finding your correct dosage much faster.

How long does it take CBD capsules to work? 

Since everyone is unique, the length of time it takes for any CBD product to take effect, including CBD capsules, varies. One of the determining factors is your metabolism.

The capsule needs to travel through the digestive system before getting absorbed into the bloodstream and binding to the endocannabinoid receptors. This process usually takes anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour, and in some cases, it may take up to an hour and a half. 

While CBD capsules do take more time to work than if you smoke or vape a product, they’re far the best solution for non-smokers.

How safe are CBD capsules?

Among other advantages, the best thing about CBD capsules is that it’s not possible to overdose on them. With that said, anyone already taking medications should consult a doctor before starting CBD capsules. Combining the two can lessen the effect of the medications.

In addition to being safe, CBD capsules are discreet and easy to take anywhere. After all, it’s much easier to swallow a pill than it is to drop CBD oil under your tongue when you’re outdoors. They’re also easy to pack when traveling.

The bottom line

The key CBD capsules benefits are clear: capsules offer a discreet, easy way for you to get your daily dose. Since they’re also tasteless, most people tend to prefer capsules to other CBD products. 

As one of the best CBD capsules manufacturers on the market, Verified CBD offers top quality products with an incredible array of potencies to choose from. What’s more, buying Verified CBD capsules doesn’t require a medical prescription, as the FDA treats these products as dietary supplements. 

Hopefully, this CBD capsules review managed to clear up some uncertainties about CBD capsules, and will encourage more people to explore the world of cannabidiol.

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