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CBD dosage for dogs — what to use and how much

CBD dosage for dogs — what to use and how much

The medicinal effects of CBD on humans are now well recognized by the world medical community. However, the research on the effects of CBD on dogs is sparse and limited. Even though all mammals have cannabinoid receptors, their effects vary, and the optimal CBD dosage for dogs is still unknown.

In general, CBD helps with a wide range of conditions. Most importantly, its effects on the central nervous system present the biggest potential for its use on dogs.

With continuing research into CBD effects on dogs, we may discover even more ways to help our pets. Hopefully, natural remedies such as CBD will eventually replace pharmaceuticals altogether.


Using CBD to Treat Your Dog

When it comes to dogs, neurological conditions are a huge problem. CBD helps with chronic pain and nausea, which can provide quick pain relief while dealing with other conditions at the same time.

When I first started using CBD to treat my dog, it was for pain relief. It had some residual pain after surgery, and the vet recommended sedatives to help it out. My dog had trouble standing up, walking, and even eating. When I stumbled upon CBD while researching online, I consulted with the vet. It was new to him as well, and he spent some time making sure the product we chose was safe. You have to be really careful when determining the most optimal CBD dosage for dogs.

Things To Watch Out For

A major concern my vet had about giving CBD to dogs was the THC content, actually. THC is the psychoactive component in cannabis, and most CBD products do contain a small amount of it.

While the concentration of THC in commercially available oil is too low to have an effect on humans, that’s not the case with dogs. They have a much lower tolerance to THC, and it can be toxic to them if they ingest it.

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So, before you start giving you dog CBD products, you must double-check what you are getting. Do your homework — read the labels. You don't want to accidentally poison your dog. Nowadays, you can find products specifically made for dogs, so you don’t have to worry about it all that much.

Even if the oil you bought does not contain THC, you still need to be careful about the dosage. No matter what your vet recommends, you should start with the smallest dose possible. If it proves effective with time, you can increase it. Also, if you find it difficult to give your dog medicine, you can buy ready-made dog treats that already contain safe amounts of CBD.

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I hope that this article has provided you with enough info about CBD and how to treat your pet with it. It can be a safer, more natural alternative to pharmaceuticals when dealing with certain conditions. However, you should be careful when ordering your products. Make sure you don’t give your dog THC!

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