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CBD essential oil — a quick-start guide

CBD essential oil — a quick-start guide

Scientists have been extensively researching cannabis and its main chemical components for the last ten years or so. Consequently, they have isolated the main substances responsible for both the psychotropic and medicinal properties of the cannabis plant.

One of the major components responsible for the amazing medicinal properties of cannabis is cannabidiol or CBD. It was first discovered in an attempt to treat multiple neurological and inflammatory conditions.

That being said — the purest CBD can be found in the form of essential oil. Keep reading to find out more about CBD essential oil, as well as its most common uses.

Essential oils

What Is CBD Essential Oil?

CBD essential oil is one of the most natural forms of cannabidiol you can currently find.

Even though there are multiple manufacturers you can choose from, most of them boil down to more or less the same components. The original method for extracting CBD uses alcohol as a dissolving agent. You start by soaking the plant material in alcohol for a while. Afterward, you remove the plant. The remaining alcohol then goes through an evaporation process until nothing but oil remains.

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This method got its name from its original inventor, Rick Simpson. The famous Rick Simpson oil was the first CBD essential oil to gain mass popularity. It prompted further research on CBD as a medicine.

The most popular modern method of extracting CBD uses CO2 to force the oil out of the plant material. The CO2 method’s advantage lies in controlling the temperature and pressure of the extraction. Moreover, this method allows you to extract different cannabinoids separately, which is why CBD oil with such low levels of THC is possible to make in the first place.

CBD essential oil

Different Kinds Of CBD Essential Oils

While it popularized CBD oil as a medicine, the famous Rick Simpson oil is not suitable for real medicinal use. Because all cannabinoids are extracted from the plant at once, the THC and CBD levels vary from batch to batch. While there are strains of cannabis with high CBD and low THC, the overall THC content in the Rick Simpson oil is still too high for medicinal use.

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Nowadays, the CO2 extraction method is the most common. Depending on the manufacturer, you may, for example, end up with a slight variation in THC or CBD levels. Still, the level of THC never goes above 0.3%.

Different strains have different terpenes, and all of them have varying levels. Other cannabinoids may or may not be included, and their CBD levels might vary as well. Manufacturers also add hemp seed oil to the mix, for its omega-3 fatty acids and other nutritional benefits.

Final Words

If you wish to try out CBD essential oil, you have a wide variety of choices currently available. First, you should check what dose of CBD you need to take for your condition. Also, feel free to try out different manufacturers to see what kind of oil works best for you. Everybody reacts differently to different oils.

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