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CBD massage oil: how can it help your body?

CBD massage oil: how can it help your body?

CBD oils offer many wellness benefits. In fact, there are so many uses for CBD that it’s hard to list them all. What’s more, as the legalization of marijuana and all related products is currently in full swing in many states, the list of potential uses for the newly legalized products is getting longer by the day.

That’s why new services and new options are becoming readily available to current and potential CBD oil users. One of those services is CBD massage. Using CBD massage oil has many health benefits and significant advantages over using regular oil. Here’s how your body and mind can benefit from using CBD massage oil.


A quick introduction — what exactly is CBD?

For those who haven’t jumped on the CBD wagon yet, and are unaware of all the therapeutic properties that CBD has, here’s a quick overview. CBD is a cannabinoid that doesn’t impair your judgment or psyche (as THC does). Still, CBD does affect your body in more than one way. It can ease anxiety, inflammation, stress, and even help with chronic illnesses and autoimmune diseases.

The effect that CBD has on your body depends on your endocannabinoid system — each person reacts uniquely. Yet, there are some general benefits that every person can enjoy.

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How CBD massage oil can help your body and your mind

Using CBD massage oil for partial or full-body massages can have more benefits than one would think. Aside from relaxing the body, as a regular massage oil would, it also offers health and therapeutic advantages.

Reduces or eliminates stress and anxiety

A good massage can go a long way with reducing stress and promoting relaxation. But CBD massage oil brings a whole new level of relaxation. CBD has anxiety and stress-reducing properties, and it’s a known analgesic and anxiolytic. Thus, it influences the nervous system and reduces the production of anxiety-related hormones. Combined with the physical relief of a massage, CBD massage oil reduces both physical and psychological tension.


Alleviates inflammation and chronic pain

CBD massage oil is one of the significant go-to remedies for people who suffer from chronic pain or illnesses. Let’s take people with lupus as an example. The autoimmune disease is characterized by joint pain and almost constant chronic muscle and joint inflammation. This makes daily life a struggle. But patients with lupus often find relief by using CBD massage oil.

Patients who have chronic illnesses battle with pain daily. They need a sustainable way of managing that pain to function. CBD is a proven way to do that. It isn’t an opioid or even a psychoactive substance. Thus, it allows people to manage their pain without risking developing a tolerance or a dangerous addiction to dangerous drugs.

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Furthermore, let’s be honest — any type of pain and inflammation are uncomfortable. Even healthy people often experience sore muscles after a strenuous workout or prolonged activity. Inflammation is essentially the body’s way of telling us that something isn’t right. Using CBD massage oil can help with the discomfort. CBD targets the inflamed spots and interacts with the receptors in our endocannabinoid system know as CB1 and CB2 receptors. Those receptors are actively involved in the inflammation process. As a result, all swelling, soreness, and pain are reduced or eliminated.

Hand massage

Improves skin condition and offers a healthy glow

Last but not least, CBD massage oil offers significant benefits when it comes to skin health. During the massage, we administer the oil topically, and the skin absorbs it. So it’s only natural that the skin benefits as well as the nervous system, muscles, joints, etc.

We can also use CBD massage oil on our face. Due to the anti-inflammatory properties, it can help battle persistent acne. Furthermore, it can even help with severe skin conditions such as psoriasis.

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