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CBD oil and pregnancy — safe for use or a hazard?

CBD oil and pregnancy — safe for use or a hazard?

It’s true what they say — everything changes once you get pregnant. Some things become inconsequential, while others, like health, become paramount. Therefore, it’s only natural to double check everything health-related when carrying a child.

One of the most common questions that women have about CBD oil is if it’s compatible with pregnancy. CBD is a known remedy for nausea, headaches, and anxiety. Therefore, it sounds like a fantastic solution for many pregnancy-related issues like morning sickness or even severe conditions like hyperemesis gravidarum. But, before consumption, it’s only natural to do your research and find out everything there is to know about CBD oil and pregnancy.

CBD oil and pregnancy — a controversial topic

There’s been a lot of talk about CBD oil and pregnancy. Sadly, not many scientific studies have been done so far. Therefore, scientists still aren’t 100% sure if CBD is entirely safe for the fetus.

Scientific research hasn't positively concluded that CBD is harmless to use during pregnancy. However, there has been ample research that determined the lack of correlation between CBD oil use and complications during birth, congenital anomalies, or stillbirths.

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How CBD can have an impact on the pregnancy and the fetus

In reality, the effects that CBD oil can have, both on the mother and the fetus, depend on the endocannabinoid system. Just like with women who aren’t pregnant, the effects CBD can have vary from person to person.

Furthermore, there’s still some concern about the neurological development of the fetus, and how CBD might affect it. One faction advocates the use of CBD oil and claims it promotes neurogenesis. However, others doubt the potential benefits and claim that, since brain development directly includes cannabinoid receptors, CBD can negatively impact the neurogenesis.

The debate is ongoing, but the hopes are that a definitive answer will soon arise. THC has been the focus of many studies over the years, while CBD only recently came into the spotlight. More specific studies bringing certain answers will happen soon. However, for now, there are some definitive answers.

CBD and pregnancy

Nausea and vomiting

It’s a well-known fact that CBD oil can have a plethora of therapeutic benefits. The topic of CBD oil and pregnancy is put in perspective for many expecting mothers once nausea and vomiting start. CBD, a known remedy for nausea among chemotherapy patients, can help pregnant women combat even severe issues, like hyperemesis gravidarum.

Contractions and premature labor

According to one promising study, CBD can help stop preterm contractions. That comes as great news for expecting mothers who have a high risk of premature labor. What’s more, CBD is an excellent muscle relaxer as well. Therefore, it can also lend a helping hand with contractions women experience while giving birth, and the pain that accompanies them.

However, this conclusion is based on the research done on cells outside of the body. Therefore, the investigation is still in the early stages, but the results are promising.

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Pain management

Another known benefit of CBD oil is pain management. CBD oils that don’t contain THC are still not recommended by doctors, but only because they can’t guarantee positive results. Furthermore, there hasn’t been a longitudinal study to rely on when it comes to prescribing the method of use and dosages.

However, CBD oil is relatively safe to use during pregnancy as a pain management tool, as it doesn’t require vaping or smoking and it doesn’t include ingesting THC.


Anxiety and blood pressure

High blood pressure and anxiety are normal during pregnancy. As a known analgesic and anxiolytic, CBD can help battle pain, high blood pressure, and anxiety during pregnancy.

However, keep in mind that CBD isn’t a proper substitute for any medication prescribed by a medical professional. It’s crucial that pregnant women consult their doctor before using any CBD products while carrying a child.

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