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CBD oil application for anxiety relief

CBD oil application for anxiety relief

CBD is one of the most popular topics of today ever since it was legalized in the United States. The virtues of CBD have been extolled in the health care industry, with many studies showing how it could provide various health benefits. There are people with so-called incurable conditions who claim that CBD improved the quality of their lives. But how does CBD work in the treatment of anxiety? Research has found hemp-based CBD oil to be effective in staving off panic attacks and depression. In other words, it can potentially gently help individuals suffering from anxiety and lead them towards a normal life. The good thing about cannabinoid oil is that it can be used to help with a wide range of anxiety-related disorders. Cannabidiol is the non-psychoactive part of cannabis. Scientists have determined that the CBD part contains more beneficial effects than THC, the psychoactive part of marijuana. CBD oil will not get you high in any way and it does not contain any harmful side effects (explained further below).

CBD Mechanism- How Does It Work?

Cannabidiol mostly affects the brain and its functions. When CBD oil is taken in, it affects the neuropathic areas in our brains in the following areas:

Hippocampal Neurogenesis

Patients who are depressed or anxious are often seen with a shrinking hippocampus. This means new neurons are not being made, and the existing ones are not regenerating into new ones. CBD and its unique pharmaceutical anxiolytics directly affect how an individual feels anxiety or any mood-altering behavior via hippocampal neurogenesis, or the forming of new neurons in the brain. The application of CBD induces this neurogenesis, which in turn helps with the symptoms of depression or severe anxiety in an individual. In one study, the administering of CBD significantly increased activity within the hippocampal area because of CBD's natural affinity with CB1 and CB2 receptors. This led to new neuronal growth and paved the way for endocannabinoid signaling. It has been shown that the process of creating new neurons alone can be beneficial to treating patients with anxiety.

5HT1 Group

The modular neurotransmission at the 5HT1 group, most notably the 5-HT1A receptor produces anti-depressant, anxiolytic and neuroprotective effects. The effect at which CBD oil is applied partially binds with the receptor sites, causing partial stimulation as compared to a full agonist. In simpler terms, the cannabidiol that binds with the 5HT1 receptor group causes many types of therapeutic benefits ranging from the aforementioned hippocampal neurogenesis, the release of acetylcholine, increased levels of dopamine and increased production of serotonin. Physicians often recommend medicine that boost the brain's serotonin production as a means to treat depression and severe panic attacks. In the same way, big pharma companies have created inhibitor supplements such as Zoloft and Prozac, which block the re-absorbing process of serotonin back into the brain, thereby prolonging the effects. The brain then sends more serotonin that helps balance the mood and reduce the effects of anxiety. Researchers also found that patients suffering from anxiety disorders have 5HT1A receptors that bind poorly. The introduction of CBD helps improve the binding receptors’ ability to connect with other sources. Researchers claim that CBD is an excellent potential anti-anxiety medicine because it solves many issues that come with traditional anti-depressant medication and therapies.

CBD Oil Application For Anxiety Relief

Here are some of the benefits one can get if they use cannabinoid oil for anxiety relief:

1. Enhanced Sleep

Understandably, sleep does not come easy when someone is in a state of anxiousness. Too much worrying can cause loss of sleep and insomnia, which in turn cause more anxiety and panic attacks. This is a vicious cycle that seems inescapable. Taking in CBD oil will normalize one's sleep patterns, causing a break in the cycle and improving the quality of sleep.

2. Safe To Use

Currently, there have been no instances where cannabidiol oilis intolerable or unsafe to use. The only side effect an individual may have comes not from CBD, but from poor material sourcing, contamination, formatting or the addition of other ingredients.

3. A Reset Of The Nervous System

Panic attacks cause a fight-or-flight response that may never go away. Our ANS, or autonomic nervous system may fail to reset itself, causing individuals to experience the same fight-or-flight response even when the perceived danger is long gone. CBD oil has been shown to prevent the sympathetic branch via the partial agonism in the 5HT1A region. In simple terms, administering of CBD oil can reduce the chances of a panic attack turning into a nervous breakdown.

4. Neuroprotective Aspects

Regular use of CBD can help shield the brain from everyday damage. It prevents brain cell damage and limits hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy.

5. Helps Against Many Types of Anxiety

Research is now being carried out on how CBD can help with different sub-types of anxiety disorders, including general anxiety, panic disorders, social phobia, etc. This goes to show how individuals can turn to cannabidiol for help by deriving anxiolytic benefits from it.

6. Enhances Mood

CBD is different from THC in that it provides benefits without causing the user to get "high". The mechanism of cannabidiol is such that it enhances mood by delivering antidepressant and anxiolytic effects. Furthermore, CBD has been shown to bind with the 5HT1A receptor in the brain, connecting to the CB2 and CB1 receptors which creates a mild euphoric feeling.

7. General Health Improvement

CBD oil may be used intermittently to bring about numerous health benefits. Studies have shown that cannabidiol has potential antiemetic and analgesic properties. These powerful properties within CBD can bring about the reduction of muscle spasms, slow down bacteria growth, boost the immune system and normalize blood sugar levels. Hope this made for a clear and valuable round up. Liked this article? Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter / check other posts on our blog.

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