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CBD vape additive: here's what you should know

CBD vape additive: here's what you should know

Vaping pens have come a long way since their introduction in 2003. Back then, they were nothing more than a healthy alternative to traditional cigarettes. Despite the ongoing debate on the benefits of vaping, e-liquid companies branched out by offering a variety of flavored vape juices.

We can vape many different mixtures, from nicotine-free cartridges and essential oils to waxes. Still, we tend to overlook the possibility of vaping CBD oil. The reasons for vaping vary among users. Some like its authentic feel, while others may not like the taste of CBD oil.

Regardless of the reason, vaping is indeed a valid option. Yet, we are sure that our readers have some questions about the CBD vape additive and also want to know how to find CBD oil for sale that’s high-quality and can be trusted anytime.

What is a CBD Vape Additive?

Known also as CBD vape oil, a CBD vape additive is like any other e-liquid that electronic cigarettes use. However, while the usual e-liquids are nicotine products, CBD vape oil is a hemp extract, just like CBD oil.

The main difference between the two is the ingestion method. Namely, we ingest regular CBD oil orally or by applying it to the skin. On the other hand, a CBD vape additive is made for use in electronic cigarettes. Moreover, it does not contain any THC, while regular CBD oil may contain trace levels.

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Common e-liquids contain different levels of nicotine. Similarly, CBD vape juices can also vary in their cannabidiol levels. In other words, the more CBD they contain, the stronger they are. Still, the experience varies from user to user, as well the nature of their ailment.

CBD vape additives can have distinct flavors, which results in different tastes. Some users describe the taste as grassy, while some claim that it’s rather earthy. Depending on our preference, we may choose to use them as complementary flavors, or mask them with other flavors.

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Can a CBD Vape Additive Get You High?

We can attribute the psychoactive effects of marijuana to THC. In other words, THC is what causes the so-called “stoner effect.“ However, CBD vape oil contains no THC, so vaping a CBD additive won’t make us high.

Furthermore, CBD is completely non-psychoactive. Instead, it has many therapeutic benefits that help our body reach homeostasis. In fact, the cannabinoid can stimulate a variety of receptors in our body. As a result, it is an effective way of treating chronic pain, anxiety, and other disorders.

Vaping CBD

Why You Should Try a CBD Vape Additive

The evaporation point for CBD vape oil is somewhere around 200°C, which makes it suitable for use in e-cigarettes. Since it contains no nicotine, it may prove helpful in quitting cigarettes. In fact, a 2013 study found a link between CBD use and reduced cigarette consumption.

Inhalation is also the fastest method of ingestion. In contrast to oral consumption, inhalation lets CBD enter our bloodstream much more quickly. For that reason, we may choose CBD vape juice over regular CBD oil. Still, that does not imply that a CBD vape additive is better than regular CBD oil. Simply put, it’s good news for those of you who are less patient.

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The Bottom Line on CBD Vape Additives

All things considered, CBD vape juice is a healthy alternative to regular e-liquids. In fact, it is incredibly powerful in treating nicotine addiction. Moreover, it offers a wide spectrum of beneficial effects, without causing a high.

While there is no wrong way of taking CBD oil, the CBD vape additive is a perfect fit for those who like to indulge in smoking or vaping.

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