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Easiest CBD recipes you should try

Easiest CBD recipes you should try

For centuries, cannabis has been used as part of healing regimes in food, drinks, and other wellness products. And while using CBD to make your own food and wellness products might seem like a daunting task, it’s easier than you think! We’ve compiled a collection of recipes to guide you through creating with CBD, from face masks, bath bombs, and salves to lollipops and cookies.




CBD gummies recipe


An easy, discreet way to consume CBD oil, CBD gummies are the new ‘it’ candy for adults. This coconut water-based recipe is made with real tea and fruit juice for an added boost of nutrients alongside your CBD dose. 



CBD honey sticks recipe



Honey sticks combine the pain- and inflammation-relieving properties of CBD with the soothing properties of honey, which is chock full of antioxidants. These honey sticks are great for stirring into a hot drink, but they’re equally as delicious eaten on their own.



CBD lollipops recipe 



CBD lollipops are fun, tasty, and deliver more CBD to the body than eating CBD candy. Use this recipe to make your own lollipops in your favorite flavors.



CBD cookies recipe



If you like cookies, you’ll love this recipe that incorporates CBD, nuts, seeds, and a bit of dark chocolate! Follow it as is or customize it with your favorite nutrition-boosting ingredients.



CBD brownies recipe



Cannabinoids are best absorbed when they bind with fats, so they’re often used in oil or butter infusions. And what better way to use CBD butter than in CBD brownies? Try this recipe and enjoy a rich brownie with all the benefits of CBD.


Wellness products


Coconut oil CBD rub recipe



Cannabis and coconut oil are nature’s dream team. Learn how to infuse cannabis into coconut oil, and then use your new infusion to make a CBD salve for topical applications.



CBD salve recipe



This simple salve requires only a few ingredients: beeswax, coconut oil, and CBD tincture—but it’s fully customizable with just about any essential oil you can imagine. It’s a go-to recipe for relieving pain, reducing inflammation, managing muscle soreness, and soothing skin conditions.


CBD bath bombs recipe



For a relaxing CBD experience, these bath bombs help moisturize and soothe skin, repair damaged skin cells, and ease stress. The best part? They’re cost effective and you decide the shape, size, colour, scent, and CBD strength.



CBD candles recipe



CBD candles can amplify the therapeutic effects of aromatherapy candles, while also helping relieve stress and anxiety. These DIY candles are the perfect addition to your evening bath or to keep in the bedroom to promote relaxation before you go to sleep.



CBD face mask recipe



Including CBD in your face masks allows you to harness its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and pain relieving qualities to enhance the health and appearance of skin. With just three everyday ingredients and some high-quality CBD, you can enjoy the benefits of CBD face masks on the regular.


CBD lotion recipe



CBD lotion helps improve skin wellness and repair broken skin cells, which is helpful for those with conditions psoriasis and eczema. This simple recipe uses only a few common ingredients and gives you complete control over the strength of your CBD lotion.



CBD lip balm recipe



CBD is rich in antioxidants, a natural anti-inflammatory, and works well topically—so it’s a great addition to lip balm. This recipe uses only a handful of ingredients and allows you to incorporate your favorite essential oil combinations.