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Hemp products: what veterans need to know

Hemp products: what veterans need to know

Veterans need a lot of support from their loved ones so they can cope with their lives after years of serving their country. Unfortunately, those who get too overwhelmed end up getting addicted to prescription drugs or worse, committing suicide. The good news is that there is hope. There are many ways veterans can help themselves cope and make their lives better. One such way is to stay fit by following a healthy diet. Aside from eating the right foods, veterans may also try taking health supplements and other such products derived from the hemp plant.

What is hemp?

In the agricultural setting, most people consider the hemp plant as the "Tree of Life." Manufacturers use the different parts of this plant to create products focused on health and wellness. Among all the parts of the hemp plant, the most popular are the hemp seeds. The seeds have gained the title as a "superfood" thanks to all of the nutrients they contain and the benefits they offer. This is great news for veterans looking to add healthier foods to their regular diet.

What are hemp seeds?

Considered as nuts, hemp seeds come from hemp plants, specifically the flowers. Since prehistory, people have used the hemp plant for various purposes thanks to all the nutritional benefits it offers. The seeds have a pleasantly nutty flavor similar to a combination of sunflower seeds and pine nuts. They're free of THC, GMO, gluten, and allergens making then the best alternative to nuts, dairy, and wheat flour. All these reasons and more make hemp seeds one of the modern "superfoods." According to studies, seniors, the group to which veterans are usually part of, have an increased risk for Omega-3, Omega-6, and protein deficiencies. But adding hemp seeds to the diet may help prevent this because these tiny seeds contain high levels of essential fatty acids and proteins. Therefore, they can help improve the happiness, health, and quality of life.

Nutritional profile of hemp seeds

Hemp seeds have a lot to offer. Despite their small size, each seed contains high levels of nutrients which are important for our health and wellbeing. These nutrients include:
  • Protein

Hemp seeds are a complete source of protein, and they also provide all of the essential amino acids. The amino acids are the building blocks of all types of proteins. Unfortunately, our bodies can't produce all of the nine amino acids, therefore, you should acquire them from the foods you eat like from hemp seeds. There are very few plant-based food sources which are complete proteins which is why hemp seeds are very valuable.

  • Unsaturated fats

Just like some of the amino acids, our bodies cannot naturally produce the essential fatty acids. Again, hemp seeds come to the rescue. These super seeds are an excellent source of the essential fatty acids which are vital for long-term health. Also, hemp seeds don't contain any trans fats and only have low levels of saturated fats.

  • Fiber

A lot of the fiber that comes from these seeds are from the shell or outer hull. If you want to get this nutrient, then purchase the seeds which still have their hulls intact. Of course, even if the seeds don't have shells, hemp seeds still contain a lot of fiber. This nutrient provides a lot of benefits from reducing the appetite to stabilizing the levels of blood sugar, and more.

  • Vitamins and minerals

Hemp seeds also contain a lot of vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B-6, vitamin E, magnesium, niacin, iron, magnesium, zinc, riboflavin, phosphorus, thiamine, potassium, and folate.

What are the potential benefits of hemp seeds to veterans?

If veterans can stay healthy, they will be able to cope with their lives outside of the military better. One way to do this is to incorporate hemp seeds into their diets. Take a look at the potential benefits of hemp seeds that veterans may enjoy:

  • They may boost the health of the heart thanks to the high levels of Omega-3 fatty acids found in hemp seeds.
  • They may also help reduce inflammation because the seeds contain Omega fatty acids as well as gamma-linolenic acid or GLA.
  • They may also help improve the condition of the skin thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties of the hemp seeds.
  • They may also help ease pain felt from different conditions by strengthening the immune system and promoting the overall health and wellbeing.

What about hemp-based CBD products?

Since the recent legalization of CBD, more and more manufacturers have come up with products derived from cannabidiol which, in turn, they extract from hemp plants. These products have recreational and medical purposes. Some manufacturers are specifically tailoring some of these products for the aging population to help with the common conditions that come with age. Such products come in many forms such as edibles, tinctures, oils, topical creams, and more. They all have positive effects on the health which can be particularly beneficial for veterans and other seniors. These hemp or CBD-based products can help in other ways too. For one, they can replace or at least reduce a person's use of prescription drugs which have an addictive effect. This is an excellent benefit for veterans who have, despite all their efforts, started becoming addicted to such drugs. As they replace these pharmaceuticals with natural, hemp-based products, they may notice an improvement in their overall health and wellbeing.

To Conclude

Although hemp has a lot of potential benefits, it's recommended to consult with your primary healthcare provider first before incorporating this or any other types of substances into your diet. Also, doing a lot of research will be very beneficial so that you know what you're taking, you know what to expect, and you know what side effects to look out for.

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