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How quickly does CBD oil work?

How quickly does CBD oil work?

When you’re just learning about CBD, one of the first things you’ll want to know is how it will affect you. In fact, the question that we’re asked most often is, “How fast does CBD oil work?”

Well, there’s no perfect answer! Everyone is different, and CBD affects everyone in different ways. There’s a huge range of factors that will influence your experience on CBD, which is why it’s important to understand what may or may not happen when you try it—and to know your own limits. 

Factors that affect your experience with CBD

Method of delivery

CBD can be smoked, vaped, eaten in the form of edibles, or administered sublingually in a dropper.  

Each method will deliver the CBD to your body in different amounts and at different speeds. Eating gummies, for example, will take longer to provide benefits because your body has to process the CBD through your digestive system. Vaping will affect you almost immediately because the CBD enters your bloodstream through your lungs.  


Dosing may in fact be the most important factor to take into account when figuring out how CBD will affect you; however, much of this comes down to experimentation. Dosing can be tricky, especially when it comes to vaping or edibles. Your best bet is to start low and build up gradually. Too little and you might not feel anything; too much and you may wind up with mild side effects (although this is rare).

Cannabinoid profile

Cannabinoid profiles vary widely from strain to strain, and they are your yardstick for assessing how you’ll react. The CBD:THC ratio of the strain plays an important part here, as THC can enhance CBD. Again, this will involve some trial-and-error experimentation.  

Body chemistry

Your unique body chemistry should also be factored in when figuring out how long for CBD to work. Your age, weight, genes, and tolerance of CBD will all come into play each time you use it. 

How quickly does CBD oil work?

This all depends on the method you’re using to administer the CBD. There are several different options for getting CBD hemp oil into your system. Some of the most popular include sublingual absorption (under the tongue), inhalation, ingestion, and topical application. The method you choose should be the most effective for the results you’re trying to achieve. 

The fastest way to enjoy the benefits of CBD oil is through vaping. When you inhale CBD oil through a vaping device, the compounds enter your lungs and diffuse directly into your bloodstream. This occurs almost instantly. Some vape users say they experience the benefits within just a few seconds, while others say it can take up to five minutes. Remember, everyone’s experience varies and how quickly the CBD oil takes effect will depend on how much you vape and the concentration of the oil. The benefits of CBD are felt much more quickly through vaping than ingesting because the CBD doesn’t have to pass through your digestive tract and liver before reaching your bloodstream.  

After vaping, the next fastest way to experience the effects of CBD oil is via sublingual absorption. Simply place 1–3 drops directly under the tongue and wait around 60–90 seconds before swallowing. This method allows the CBD and other active ingredients in CBD oil to be absorbed through the mucous membranes in your mouth. Sublingual absorption also bypasses the digestive system, allowing the CBD to quickly enter your bloodstream and begin doing its work with your endocannabinoid system.

How long does it take for CBD oil to work for my condition?

It’s highly recommended to start your CBD with a very low dose and observe the effects. If you have CBD oil, try one or two drops at first. If you’re vaping, start with a small puff. These doses may be below the suggested amount listed on the product, but it’s the most effective way to gauge how it will work for you. 

Allow the appropriate length of time for the CBD to peak (as per the outlines above). It’s also a good idea to wait for it to begin leaving your system before dosing again. For vaping, this should be around an hour. For oral CBD, allow around six hours. If you take another dose before the first dose has left your system, any effects you feel will be the cumulative result of both doses.

Some first-time users might start off with a dosage of 3–5 mg for the first week. If they don’t feel any effects, they could increase to 10 mg. The trick is to keep slowly increasing until you hit your ‘sweet spot’ in which you obtain the feeling and/or the relief you desire.

The condition or symptoms you’re looking to treat should also be considered. Different conditions will require different dosages. For example, anxiety or acute pain will require the fastest method, so vaping or sublingual CBD oil might be best here. To help with sleep, you may prefer to take your CBD earlier in the evening so that the effect is more gradual and lasts throughout the night.