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How to make CBD salve at home: a step-by-step recipe

How to make CBD salve at home: a step-by-step recipe

CBD products are rapidly growing in popularity thanks to their numerous health benefits. The non-psychotropic compound of the cannabis plant is hailed as both an alternative medicine and a scientifically backed phenomenon. CBD is an anti-inflammatory, which means it can have great effects as a salve, a cream, or a lotion, providing targeted relief to specific pain points. It can also help manage skin conditions like acne or eczema through direct application. To help you experience these benefits, this article will outline how to make CBD salve products at home.

CBD salve overview

CBD salve is a type of topical, which often works quickly and effectively because it is applied directly to the skin. CBD salves can help manage symptoms from a number of health problems, including muscle ache, arthritis, acne, and psoriasis. But it’s also popular due to its relaxing properties, which can help ease anxiety and reduce stress. In addition, many argue that antioxidants in CBD have anti-aging effects. By working in harmony with the endocannabinoid system of the body, CBD salves can help bring balance to your daily health and overall well being.

Salves are similar to lotions or creams, though they are usually thicker and have a greasier quality. They are made from a combination of oil, wax, and, in the case of CBD salves, CBD oil or isolate. Of all CBD topicals, they are the easiest to make at home—they’re simply, yet powerful.

Why make CBD salve?

There are many benefits to making your own CBD salve. Although Verified CBD products, for example, are natural and safe, not all CBD products on the market are of the same quality. A DIY CBD salve means that you control the ingredients, so you can feel confident that your product is organic and ethically sourced.

CBD products can also be expensive, due in part  to the time-consuming process of harnessing CBD into usable products. By making CBD salve at home, you can save a lot on costs. A store-bought tub of CBD salve might cost you up to $50 USD—maybe more. A homemade tub of CBD salve, on the other hand, might only cost $10 USD.

If nothing else, creating a DIY CBD salve is a learning experience. It allows you to make something useful with your own hands. You will know that you made it from scratch, allowing it to be a source of pride and a helpful product. And once you’ve nailed the process, you can even gift your personal DIY CBD salve to friends and family.

Ingredients for a CBD salve

CBD salve has only a few ingredients: CBD, wax, and oil. With that said, there are a few choices that will personalise your recipe. 

CBD tincture or CBD isolate

CBD isolate is a powdered form of CBD that undergoes a complex extraction process that leaves behind 99% pure CBD. The powder is fine and white, and is often added to drinks like tea or smoothies. It has no odor or flavor and mixes well with oils.

CBD tincture usually comes in a small bottle with a dropper. It’s made by mixing CBD oil from the hemp plant with a base oil, such as MCT, coconut, or hemp seed oil. Application is easy, requiring only a drop beneath the tongue or into food or drink to gain its health benefits. The dropper also makes it very easy to measure your consumption of CBD. Naturally, your final product will be oilier if you use CBD tincture. 

No matter which option you choose, opt for high-quality CBD. To determine quality, consider factors like the manufacturing process and source. You can find high-quality CBD through licensed retailers like Verified CBD and other government-approved companies.


The most popular choice for most cannabis salve recipes is beeswax. Vegan alternatives are also available, including candelilla wax and soy wax. Jojoba wax is another great option. It’s an oily wax that is a little more stabilizing and can help to extend the shelf life of your salve. In the recipe that follows, we will use beeswax. Note that you may have to adjust the quantities if you use an alternative wax, as their consistencies vary.

Carrier oil

Personal preference plays a major role in this choice. Some people prefer the fruitier scent of oils like apricot or grapefruit seed, while others prefer more accessible oils, like olive. Nuttier oils like sweet almond and sunflower seed are also options. Coconut oil is the most popular, since it has anti-inflammatory properties that complement the purpose of the salve.

Essential oils (optional)

You can also add additional essential oils to your recipe. These bring their own benefits to boost the healing potential of CBD and enhance your wellness. Lavender is excellent for an appealing  scent and anxiety-reducing properties, eucalyptus for its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial factors, and tea tree for its acne-treatment associations. There are many others to choose from, which you can play around with to personalize and enhance your CBD salve recipe.

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How to make CBD salve

Ready to make your own cannabis salve? Follow this recipe to get started.


  •       3,000 mg of CBD tincture or 3 g of CBD isolate
  •       1 oz of beeswax
  •       1 cup of coconut oil
  •       Essential oils (optional)


  1. Heat the coconut oil and beeswax on a double boiler. If you don’t have one, fill a pot one quarter full of water and bring to a boil. Then, let it simmer beneath a bowl containing the oil and beeswax. Stir continuously until the wax melts.
  2. Add the CBD tincture or isolate and continue to simmer over low heat. Occasionally stir it until the wax, oil, and CBD are well combined. Do not overheat. 
  3. Remove the mixture from heat and let it cool. If you want to include essential oils, add them when the salve is cool but not yet solid.
  4. Pour the mixture into a container with a tight-fitting lid. Allow to cool fully before using the salve. 

Yield: About 10 oz
Time: 30 minutes

Final thoughts

Now that you know how to make salve with CBD oil, you can reap the benefits of it or offer it as a gift to others. This salve is your go-to for relieving pain, reducing inflammation, managing muscle soreness, and soothing skin conditions.

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