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CBD Sleep Spray

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Throw all your sleep troubles out of the window. Sleep peacefully with CBD sleep spray to take care of all your sleep-related problems. CBD sleep spray

  • Improves your sleep health

  • Contains high quality CBD obtained from USA-grown, organic hemp

Extract Type: CBD Isolate What is the difference?

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Type: CBD Isolate

What is CBD Sleep Spray?

CBD sleep spray contains a natural cannabinoid called cannabidiol (CBD) in the form of a spray. It helps your mind and body relax for a peaceful night’s sleep.

CBD present in this sleep spray is a natural phytocannabinoid. It is obtained from the variety of cannabis plant known as hemp. The plant also produces another (an a rather notorious) cannabinoid called tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC has an intoxicating potential as it can make the users “high”.

CBD lacks the intoxicating property and is safe to use. CBD helps people with insomnia unwind so that they can enjoy tranquil sleep.

How does CBD Sleep Spray work?

CBD works by interacting with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) present in human beings. This system consists of cannabinoid receptors CB1 and CB2. They are present in various parts of the human body, especially the nervous system.

CBD interacts with these receptors. It can, thus, influence myriads of normal physiological functions of the human body. These include sleep, pain, nervous functions, etc.

CBD exerts a calming effect on the human brain. It also stimulates the sleep regulating brain areas. It also helps reduce anxiety and alleviates pain, two of the major causes of insomnia. Together, these effects help improve the quality of sleep.

Does CBD Sleep Spray cause excessive Sleepiness?

No, CBD sleep spray does not cause excessive sleepiness. On the contrary, by regulating the sleep-wake cycle, CBD sleep spray helps you sleep better. It also chases away excessive daytime sleepiness.

Can CBD Sleep Spray Make you High?

No, CBD sleep spray does not make you high since it contains CBD extracted from hemp. The hemp plant contains less than 0.3% THC. After meticulous extraction, all other components get removed. Thus CBD emerges in its purest form. Since CBD lacks the intoxicating potential, it cannot make you high.

What are the Advantages of CBD Sleep Spray?

  • Improves sleep quality

  • Improves non-REM sleep

  • Induces relaxation

  • Regulates circadian rhythm

  • Reduces risk factors for insomnia

  • Better performance and energy

Are there any Side Effects of CBD Sleep Spray?

There are no major side effects of CBD sleep spray. Mild, transient side effects include drowsiness and nausea which subside soon afterwards.

When to take CBD Sleep Spray?

The best time to use CBD sleep spray is at bedtime shortly before you go to sleep. The effects of CBD soon take over and help you sleep better.

Where to buy CBD Sleep Spray?

  • You can buy CBD sleep spray in-stores as well as online. When buying online, make sure that you buy from reliable retailers. They should ideally be US based. Buying from unknown sources can put your hard-earned money at stake.

  • Always look for third party certification of the product you’re buying. It indicates that the product is free of all kinds of additives, insecticides, pesticides, and toxins. It indicates the product to be safe for use.

  • When buying online, customer reviews can give an insight about the effectiveness of the product so keep an eye out for the reviews.

CBD Oil for Sleep vs CBD Sleep Spray

  • CBD oil takes longer to be absorbed into the bloodstream after oral ingestion. By contrast, sublingually (under the tongue) administered CBD is readily absorbed into the blood circulation with quicker results as there is a dense network of blood vessels under the tongue which readily absorb CBD.

  • CBD oil, after ingestion, passes through the liver and undergoes “first-pass metabolism” which means that it is broken down into metabolites (constituent parts) before going on to be absorbed into the bloodstream. Thus, only a certain percentage of CBD reaches the blood after oral ingestion. In contrast, sublingual CBD is direct absorbed into the systemic blood stream, bypassing the portal circulation of the liver. Thus, full amount is delivered to blood.

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CBD Content52.5 mg CBD Isolate

Given below are the benefits of CBD sleep spray.

Improves quality of sleep

CBD sleep spray helps improve the onset of sleep so that it becomes easier to fall asleep for people with insomnia. It also helps prolong sleep duration and lessens the number of times you abruptly wake up at night, especially for light sleepers. The net effect is improved night time sleep which helps to have better mood and energy during the daytime.

Improves non-REM sleep

Non-rapid eye movement (non-REM) sleep is a deeper phase of sleep during which a person is more relaxed. It is this sleep phase that helps you consolidate memories, soothe the emotions and feel more refreshed during the day. CBD sleep spray helps prolong the duration of non-REM sleep so that your mind and body get their due rest for better performance the next day.

Induces relaxation

CBD is a known anxiolytic (anxiety reducing) agent. Another way through which CBD helps you sleep better is by enhancing the level of serotonin-the happy neurotransmitter- in your brain circuits which induces calmness and improves your mood. Using CBD sleep spray after a hectic and draining day at work can help relieve stress so you find it easier to fall asleep.

Reduces risk factors for insomnia

CBD present in the sleep spray has multifaceted effects which help keep the risk factors of insomnia at bay.

  • Muscle relaxation: Cramped, aching muscles can be one of the primary reasons for insomnia. By helping uncoil the muscle tension, CBD sleep spray help you sleep better.

  • Better digestion: Indigestion and other gut related problems can affect your sleep quality. By improving your digestion and metabolism, CBD sleep spray indirectly improves your sleep quality.

  • Pain: It is common to lose sleep over pains and aches in the body, especially those related with chronic inflammation, such as inflamed joints. The anti-inflammatory and analgesic potential of CBD helps combat pain so that you can sleep peacefully.

  • Anxiety: With worry and anxiety gnawing at your insides, one can hardly sleep peacefully. CBD helps relieves stress and anxiety so that you can sleep better.

Better performance and energy

A peaceful night’s sleep automatically helps you feel refreshed in the morning which ensures that during the daytime you experience

  • Better mood

  • Enhanced energy

  • Improved performance

1.75mg Sleep Spray Isolate Certificate
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Suggested use

How to find the right dosage of CBD Sleep Spray?

A single bottle of CBD sleep spray contains 8ml (0.25oz) of the spray which consists of 30 servings. There is 1.75mg of CBD per bottle. A single serving consisting of 2 sprays delivers 0.2666 grams of the concoction to your system. Start by using 2 sprays on a daily basis. Thereafter, depending on the severity of your symptoms, you can work your way up until you find the dose that works best for you to improve the quality of your sleep.

How to Administer CBD Sleep Spray?

CBD sleep spray is administered sublingually (under the tongue). After shaking the bottle well, simply squirt 2 sprays quickly, one after the other under your tongue and then swallow. Ideally, use the spray 15 minutes before going to bed. Use daily for optimal effects.

How to Store CBD Sleep Spray?

  • Store CBD sleep spray in a cool, dry place.

  • Keep it out of direct sunlight.


  • The spray is meant for adult use only.

  • Do not use the spray if you are pregnant or nursing.

  • Always consult your doctor before using CBD sleep spray, especially if you have any diagnosed medical condition or taking other medications.

Yes. CBD sleep spray helps relieve insomnia by improving sleep onset, sleep depth and duration. It also helps keep risk factors for insomnia at bay.

On using CBD sleep spray for the very first time, it can cause mild drowsiness but the effect is very short lived and disappears completely within a day or two giving way to better sleep quality.

It is advised not to use CBD sleep spray for pets. If inevitable, use CBD products especially made for pets after consulting a veterinarian.

Yes. CBD present in the sleep spray is a known analgesic and can help relieve pain, which is one of the risk factors for insomnia. This way, CBD sleep spray helps you sleep better.

There are no major side effects of CBD sleep spray. Mild, short-lived side effects include drowsiness and nausea which disappear soon afterwards with daily use. 

CBD sleep spray is not recommended for use by pregnant women and nursing mothers.

There is no specified sleep position while using CBD sleep spray. It is advised to sleep in a position which is comfortable and does not block circulation to limbs.

CBD sleep spray is not recommended for use in babies so avoid using it for sleep problems in babies and consult a pediatrician instead.

Yes. CBD in the sleep spray is obtained from hemp variety which contains less than 0.3% THC and is legal to use in most of the US states.

Isolate CBD products are made using CBD isolate, which means only CBD is present in the product, and no other hemp cannabinoid.

Broad-spectrum CBD products are made from a blend of helpful hemp compounds - where CBD is the most prominent one. THC is removed to the highest possible extent, until it is below levels of detection in specialized laboratories.

Full-spectrum CBD products are made from all beneficial cannabinoids present in the hemp plant, with the levels of THC under the federal legal limit of 0.3%.

CBD Sleep Spray - Verified CBD

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