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Hand Sanitizer - pack of 3

100% of 100

The old proverb says: Hygiene is two thirds of health. And staying healthy has never been a more important topic. Our product helps you do just that - keep hygiene and stay healthy:

  • 70% ethanol content
  • Super-effective - ethanol, the active ingredient in it, works against 99.9% of most common germs
  • US-made
  • Does not leave a sticky feeling on your hands after use
  • Small and can fit into a purse or pocket - great for taking with you whenever you need to go outside
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    At VerifiedCBD, we believe in being close to nature, but also in staying safe and healthy. VerifiedCBD Hand Sanitizer keeps your hands germ-free. Ethanol, which is the active ingredient in it, has a 99.9% effectiveness against the most common germs.

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    Isolate CBD products are made using CBD isolate, which means only CBD is present in the product, and no other hemp cannabinoid.

    Broad-spectrum CBD products are made from a blend of helpful hemp compounds - where CBD is the most prominent one. THC is removed to the highest possible extent, until it is below levels of detection in specialized laboratories.

    Full-spectrum CBD products are made from all beneficial cannabinoids present in the hemp plant, with the levels of THC under the federal legal limit of 0.3%.

    Hand Sanitizer - pack of 3

    100% of 100

    Why should you choose Verified CBD

    CBD testing lab

    Quality is our priority

    All Verified CBD products are tested in FDA-certified labs for potency, unique terpene profile, heavy metals, and microbiological contamination. Our products are top quality to deliver real results.

    Unique formulations developed by experts

    Our formulations are created in close consultation with medical professionals after extensive research and development. Our team is comprised of experts with decades of experience manufacturing natural products.

    Trusted by Thousands of Customers

    We’ve provided quality CBD products to more than 170,000 customers around the world. More than 70% of them re-order from our store or recommend Verified CBD to family and friends.

    Exceptional purity

    We’re proud of our purity levels of over 80%. While our competitors’ oils average 17–40% purity, you can be assured that with Verified CBD, you’re getting purely CBD.

    We Take Quality Seriously

    Every batch of our CBD oil is vigorously tested by independent labs to ensure the highest quality is passed on to our customers.
    CBD testing lab