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Shipping Verified CBD products to Canada

Shipping CBD products to Canada

Health Canada has started granting personal exemptions to Canadians who qualify. If you are approved, you will be able to import Verified CBD products to Canada!

How do I apply for an exemption with Health Canada?

Ask your doctor to write a letter to Health Canada acknowledging the intent to use Charlotte’s Web. The letter must include the following information:

The physician is aware of the use of Verified CBD (the physician needs to write Verified CBD, not CBD, CW, etc)
The patient will remain under the physicians care
Name, address, and license number of the physician
Full name & mailing address of the applicant
Full name of the patient receiving the oil

Have your doctor fill out this form letter:

I follow PATIENT_NAME of PATIENT_ADDRESS in my clinic. I am aware they are planning on using Verified CBD and I will continue to follow them as they do so.


Email the signed letter with your request for an exemption for Verified CBD to [email protected]
If your request is approved, send the approved document to us at [email protected].

Health Canada considers each application on a case by case basis. Not all cases will be approved for an exemption.


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