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The difference between CBD oil and hemp oil

The difference between CBD oil and hemp oil

As humans, we inherently categorize different things that surround us. While categorization is helpful for the most part, it may lead to generalization. For example, we link both CBD and hemp oil to one plant — cannabis. Therefore, they must be one and the same, right?

Actually, they’re not. Not only that, but the reasons to use both extracts are different, as well. Indeed, both contain components that offer various health benefits. However, those beneficial properties differ among the two types of oil.

Some users might mistake one for the other because they lack information. The misconception may arise from poor labeling regulations. Either way, it is important to know the difference between CBD oil and hemp oil.

Hemp Oil

Hemp oil can be pressed from both hemp and cannabis seeds. In fact, it makes up 30% of the seed’s weight. While we can get this type of oil from any plant in the cannabis family, hemp oil comes only from industrial hemp. The reason behind its industrial use is its minimal concentration of psychoactive substances.

Hemp oil contains a lot of nutrients, such as omega-3 and omega-6 acids, hence its use in cooking. Aside from adding a nutty flavor to food, it is a great alternative to olive oil in salads.

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Moreover, hemp oil is a powerful antioxidant due to its high concentration of vitamin E. In fact, 100g of hemp oil can contain up to 150mg of the vitamin. Therefore, we can find it in many soaps and lotions.

Hemp oil is also eco-friendly — it is a green replacement for petroleum in plastic and paint production. Much like other vegetable oils, it can also serve as a biodiesel fuel.

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Another difference between CBD oil and hemp oil are the parts of the plant they come from. While hemp oil is a hemp seed extract, CBD oil comes from all the other parts — buds, leaves, and stalks. Usually, the maker picks hemp strains that contain more CBD, so the end product is much more potent.

The medical cannabis industry praises CBD oil for its beneficial health effects. It can help treat many different conditions, all without intoxicating its user. Even though it does contain trace amounts of THC, the concentration is pretty negligible.

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CBD oil can alleviate inflammation, anxiety and many other disorders. Moreover, users report a slight energy boost after consumption. Cannabidiol is a potent antioxidant, and multiple studies show that it slows down the production of excess sebum. In other words, CBD oil is efficient in fighting acne.

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The Bottom Line

For the uninitiated, there might be no difference between CBD oil and hemp oil. However, while they indeed come from the same plant, their effects and purposes are entirely different.

That being said, accidentally using one instead of the other won’t hurt us. However, if we want to fully benefit from CBD, hemp oil is not the substance we want. Unfortunately, many brands try to cash in on the popularity of CBD by falsely claiming that their products contain the cannabinoid.
Still, we can trust certain retailers, like Verified CBD, for example. They specialize in making 100% natural CBD oil products. Moreover, their products are all tested and medically approved.

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