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The Effects Of CBD For Inflammation

The human body is a network of systems which contribute to ensuring that the body is functioning at its optimal best. Core among these systems of the body is the body immune system; the body immune system is also known as the defence mechanism of the body. It is the means through which the body protects itself against foreign bodies and diseases and is made up of a series of biological and chemical structures which helps to achieve this aim. 

Failure to maintain the immune system of the body can lead to a variety of conditions including autoimmune conditions and even inflammatory conditions. As such, it becomes very important that this system is properly maintained. One vital process that alerts the body of foreign bodies is inflammation. 

What is Inflammation?

Inflammation is the body’s first response to foreign substances in it and by extension, it is the first step to healing by the body. When the body is attacked by strange substances or irritants, the body’s immune system immediately recognizes it and triggers up a biological response to addressing its presence. There is no healing in the body without the occurrence of inflammation. 

Inflammation is a process that occurs in every human, although there are times when you might not even be aware of it. It is of two major types; acute inflammation and chronic inflammation.

  • Acute inflammation: This is a type of inflammation which is most times a quick response to an ongoing process in the body. Acute inflammation does not occur for a long period of time; it mostly doesn’t last longer than a week and it resolves itself after performing the function for which it started in the first instance. Acute inflammation is a very vital part of wound healing after which it resolves and the wound heals up by itself. 
  • Chronic Inflammation: This type of inflammation oftentimes occurs together with another pathology that is most times systemic in nature. Some of these pathologies can be rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis and many others of such nature. 

There are some major signs that come with the inflammation process in the body. They are; Pain, Redness, Immobility, Swelling and Heat. 

  • Pain; Inflammation causes a release of chemical substances to nerve endings in the inflamed areas. This makes that area more sensitive to touch. 
  • Redness; The capillaries in the inflamed areas get filled with more blood as a way of the body ensuring that the area, in particular, gets more supply of white blood cells to it. The presence of more blood to the area accounts for. The redness of that body part. 
  • Immobility; With pain comes less movement. This can lead to a reduction in the functional ability of that body area. 
  • Swelling; There is most oftentimes a buildup of fluids in the inflamed body part leading to swelling in that area. 
  • Heat; An inflamed body part is always warm to touch. 

These symptoms above however apply majorly more to acute inflammation, especially of the skin. More chronic forms of inflammation of the internal system might not necessarily come down with the whole of these five symptoms. Rather, it will come with more systemic symptoms such as fatigue, fever, rashes, and pain in different internal parts. 

As much as inflammation is very compulsory for healing to take place, it can, however, become dangerous to the body if it persists longer than necessary. Chronic inflammation can have various effects on the body including; pain, fatigue, depression, anxiety, weight gain, and other gastrointestinal conditions. 

There are therefore constant findings as to how the occurrence of chronic inflammation can be resolved in the body. A lot of times, resolving inflammation in the body can entail something as simple as changing your diet type and modifying your lifestyle. At other times, it can involve a long stream of processes before inflammation can be said to have fully dissolved. 

Management of inflammation could include using certain medications known as NSAIDs (Non-Steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs) as a means of combatting it. Other means include the use of cold or hot therapies, exercise therapies, managing the body stress levels and many other means like that. Another conservative means of its management is the use of CBD for inflammation. 

A lot of individuals have recently noticed the trends in the use of CBD for various purposes including inflammation resolution and ass such are getting more and more inclined to its use. 

The Studies on CBD Oil for the Assistance of  Treatment of Inflammation

CBD for Inflammation

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD is one of the over 100 substances that is found in the cannabis plant. Notable among the properties of CBD is its non- psychoactive properties unlike some other hemp plants. As such it does not give the body the normal feeling of high that is associated with the use of marijuana. 

CBD is a known natural method of addressing a lot of common ailments that overtakes the body many times. People use its amazing properties for relief from a number of conditions while avoiding the general mind-altering properties that come with the use of marijuana. 

The use of CBD as a symptom-relieving substance for inflammation is one that is backed up by a number of studies which have been carried out and some which are still ongoing. CBD as a substance is known to carry out its operations with a particular system of the body known as the Endocannabinoid system. This Endocannabinoid system is responsible for various functions of the body including pain and autoimmune response of the body. It does this by secreting certain neurotransmitters which bind to the cannabinoid receptors in the nervous system of the body thereby producing its reactions in the body. 

Various CBD inflammation studies have revealed that CBD has pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties. According to this study, CBD interacts with certain neurotransmitters in the body by impacting endocannabinoid receptor activities in the body. By doing this, its use can help in reducing inflammation in specific areas of the body. 

Another study which used rats as its subjects entailed the injection of CBD to sites of surgical incision found that there was a considerable reduction in the pain response of these subjects. Another study that showed that the oral intake of CBD is very effective in the management of inflammation in subjects. 

A certain study from the European Journal of pain which was done using animal models revealed that the use of CBD is a very potent mode of management of pain and inflammation that comes as a result of joint arthritis. 

Although more studies are required using human models, it has however been established that the use of CBD is very effective as a natural means of management for inflammation in the body. 

CBD Anti-Inflammatory Effects

With the recent rise in the use of CBD as a natural anti-inflammatory condition, it is very important to know the specific effects of this substance on various conditions. CBD can be used in various products forms, some of these forms include as an oil, capsule and many other forms.  

CBD has specific anti-inflammatory conditions that differ with various conditions the body presents with. These specific CBD anti-inflammatory effects include; 

Stimulation of the PPAR¥ factor; By stimulating the production of this factor in the body, CBD can effectively influence a number of molecules in the body. With this, there is a reduction in the number of inflammatory substances produced in the body with a simultaneous increase in the amount of antioxidants present in the body.

Inhibition of the production of inflammatory prostaglandin; Using CBD for common conditions such as menstrual pains have been found to be quite effective. This has been attributed to the characteristic property of CBD which helps to inhibit the production of COX-2, the enzyme responsible for producing inflammatory prostaglandins in the body. 

Verified CBD products for assisting with pain and inflammation

With the various established truths on the use of CBD for these symptoms, it is therefore important to properly determine the types of CBD products to use that will achieve the maximum objective for which it was used. The series of CBD products by Verified CBD has over times been proven to be very effective in this management, there has been a range of testimonies and reviews by different users attesting to this.

The proper management of pain is best achieved with the use of a cream-like CBD product. Using our CBD Intensive Healing Pain Rub can assure you of pain relief within a few minutes of its use. The CBD Gummies is another effective product used to ease inflammation in the body. This product is easy to move about, it is also quite pleasing to the taste buds too while still serving its function. You can have access to your most preferred type of CBD intake which can also include oils and capsules. 

Considering that the use of CBD is considered a natural means of alleviating these symptoms, achieving the best result will be using a holistic approach, which will also include lifestyle modifications, diet changes and a lot more, to achieve this.