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CBD daily intensive cream—the latest beauty trend

CBD daily intensive cream—the latest beauty trend

With CBD products quickly taking their rightful place on the market, it’s only been a matter of time before the beauty industry took their rightful place in the CBD hall of fame. In fact, CBD-infused products have been taking the beauty industry by storm for a few years now.

Ever since the legalization of medicinal and recreational use of cannabis took hold in many states, CBD was no longer whispered about. Coming in through the big doors, the world can finally acknowledge all the benefits CBD has to offer. Therefore, it’s no wonder that products like CBD daily intensive cream are quickly becoming a crucial part of many beauty routines.

A quick word for the uninitiated — about CBD

Many still confuse CBD with THC. Although both substances are cannabinoids, CBD won’t get you intoxicated. CBD is not a psychoactive substance. Therefore, don’t expect to rub CBD daily intensive cream and get that high feeling associated with smoking pot. But, people don’t use CBD to get high. It has marvelous properties and can alleviate pain, help with chronic conditions like arthritis, anxiety, epilepsy, etc. So, what can it do for the skin?

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What CBD can do for your skin

One of the essential characteristics of CBD is that it has anti-inflammatory properties. Although mostly used for stress and pain relief or management, if we take a closer look at all the characteristics of CBD it will become clear how beneficial it can be for the skin.

CBD skin care


People who struggle with acne already know that acne-prone skin tends to get inflamed very often. Therefore, when we apply CBD topically, say in the form of CBD daily intensive cream, it can calm those angry-looking red patches of inflamed skin.

We can use CBD creams to soothe the irritated and inflamed skin. The results are more than satisfactory. The redness goes down, and with regular use, the breakouts are few and far between. What’s more, CBD can also diminish the excessive sebum production. This is extremely important to those struggling with acne, as oily skin is one of the side effects of inflammations.

However, acne-prone skin or not, having a beautiful, matte tan is always a great perk. Those of us that tend to get a shiny face as the day progresses will embrace CBD daily intensive cream with both hands.

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Does the skin type matter?

While CBD face creams sound like miracle products, those with extra sensitive skin will wonder — what type of skin are they meant for?

People with all skin types, even sensitive skin, can use CBD daily intensive cream. Because of the plethora of beneficial properties, including being a robust antibacterial remedy, CBD can become an active helper even with the extra sensitive skin of people with severe issues like psoriasis.

CBD skincare

Hydration and antioxidants

Skin hydration is crucial for skin health. It’s no wonder that all beauty commercials are bombarding us with warnings that we need hydration and all the creams that provide it. Well, CBD face creams are no different. They provide ample hydration and keep the skin soft and elastic. What’s more, CBD creams also have anti-age properties.

The latest research shows that CBD is quite a powerful antioxidant. Therefore, it can help maintain the elasticity of the skin, diminishing the visible signs of aging. Combined with the anti-inflammatory properties, CBD can reduce redness, sagginess, and dullness of the skin, and it can fill in some smaller wrinkles.

So, is the CBD daily intensive cream the latest beauty trend for a good reason or not? Check out some of the products for yourself and find out!

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