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Tips for cooking with CBD oil—plus recipes to try

Tips for cooking with CBD oil—plus recipes to try

With the rising popularity of CBD oil and the relaxation of laws restricting its use in specific countries, it has then become a season of a breakthrough for the cannabis industry. Marijuana lovers can now consume the plant in different forms they find appealing. From edibles to the oils, it’s now possible to use them, of course, either for recreational or medical purposes.

CBD oil has grown in recent years to become one of the favorites of marijuana lovers, and the reasons are apparent. The oil presents various use cases, such as for direct consumption, infusion into cannabis products, or integration into meals. The latter is not only feasible but is something you can do without hassles. So, read further to discover the tips for cooking with CBD oil, the recipes you can use for those, and every other you may need to know about cooking with CBD oil.

How to make CBD oil at home

Before now, many marijuana lovers depended on dispensaries (both online and offline) for CBD oils. However, there has been a paradigm shift with the growing interest of CBD brands in making it easy for everyone to have a bottle of salves and oils. That, in turn, opens the opportunities for Do-It-Yourself (DIY) approaches, which empowers you to make CBD oil at home.

Why would you consider that approach in the first place when you can easily order for the oil directly from the supplier? It’s essential to learn how to make CBD oil at home because that gives you the advantage of sourcing for the ingredients you want. Besides, you would also save some money by doing that. On that note, below are the easy-to-implement steps you can use when making CBD oil at home:

Decide on the type of oil

cbd OilThis is one of the first places that potential CBD oil makers find challenging. It’s challenging to decide on the type of oil, especially when you have little ideas about that. So, here are clues to get you started.

First, you have two (2) options – hemp or marijuana. Those are the primary sources of deriving CBD oil. Nevertheless, hemp-derived CBD oil is the perfect pick. It is not only legal in many states, but also has a higher level of CBD with little THC contents. You wouldn’t want something that provokes psychoactive effects that is common when the THC content is higher, would you? So, selecting the hemp-derived CBD oil is the right thing to do.


  • Pick an oil to use


We’re starting! You would pick oil to use. Coconut oil or olive oil is the perfect choice in this instance because they have subdued tastes. The quantity of oil should be 16 ounces.

  • Prepare the hemp


We’ve decided to go along with the hemp plant. So, I ounce of hemp flower, and finely grind it with either a knife or a grinder. The importance of the granulation is to smash the flower into smaller/tiny fragments. That, in turn, makes it easier to extract the CBD.


  • Decarboxylate the hemp


It’s now time to heat the smashed hemp flower to derive the needed CBD. You may consider spreading the smashed/chopped hemp flower into a baking sheet, before baking it at 225 degrees Fahrenheit. Allow it to cook for about 60 minutes or until the flower becomes slightly crisped or browned.


  • Mix the hemp and the oil


You can now mix in the oil into the dried hemp flower. Maintain a moderate heat during the extraction. Ideally, the extraction process should last for about 3 hours with occasional stirring every 30 minutes. You can set it down once the oil takes a brownish-green color.


  • Strain/sieve the oil


The last step is to strain the oil by straining it through a strainer/cheesecloth into a glass container. Ensure you squeeze as much oil as possible before discarding the strained hemp. The glass container can then be sealed and stored in a cold or dry space.


Control the dosage

It’s one thing to decide on the ingredients to use, and it is another to control the dosage to be used. To begin with, you have to select the perfect Cannabidiol (CBD) product that would be used. Once that has been chosen, you can exercise caution in the tricky aspect of selecting the right dosage.


As a general rule, beginners should stick to stick to a dosage that is not too potent. You can always step up to that when becoming a professional with CBD oil. That said, the next thing to do is selecting a high-quality ingredient that can rhyme with the dosage you selected.

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Be careful with heat

You may have the best collection of ingredients. You may have also gotten the right dosage. However, all that may be flushed down the drain when you misuse the heat. When cooking with CBD oil, it's essential to maintain the right temperature designed for that. Otherwise, you might end up having an impotent CBD meal in the end.


Therefore, there should be maximum control of heat when using CBD to cook. The need for the cautious application of heat is borne out of the fact that excessive application of heat does not only trigger the loss of potency in the compound but also causes Cannabidiol (CBD) to evaporate.


In light of that, you should take note of the designated amount of heat needed when cooking with CBD oil. You can set the boiling point between 320 to 356 degrees Fahrenheit, maximum.


Use fat

Fat cannot be ruled out of the options when preparing meals with CBD oil. Indeed, fat is essential. It's worth mentioning that CBD goes along well with oil-based ingredients (fat), such as butter. So, ensure your recipes have some fat components or grease in them because that helps in boosting the outcome of the compound.


CBD oil drink recipes

CBD drinksMaking CBD oil has never been this easy. You do not only have the opportunities of consuming it in different forms like edibles but can also be made into a drink. For now, we would concentrate on the CBD Fresh Mint Tea and the CBD-Infused Hot Chocolate.


So, here are the drink variations to cooking with CBD oil recipes.


CBD fresh mint tea

The CBD fresh mint tea is the perfect way to maintain a refreshed taste bud in the spring. The tea can be made in ten (10) minutes, and you can derive up to 4 glasses when you follow the steps below.




  • 4 cups of filtered water


  • Two handfuls of fresh mint leaves. You can also add more to garnish the tea


  • A squeeze of lemon (optional)


  • The Keeper’s Stash for taste




  • Boil the water up to 190 degrees Fahrenheit


  • Place the fresh mint leaves in a glass container before pouring the boiled water over them


  • Steep the leaves for 10 minutes


  • The last step is to allow the tea to cool. This should last for about 30 minutes. Once it's cold, you can then add The Keeper’s Stash before serving with ice


CBD-infused hazelnut hot chocolate

There’s no denying that you would like the creamy taste that comes with integrating hazelnut into your CBD Hot Chocolate.


Here are the recipes for cooking with CBD oil for the Hazelnut Hot Chocolate. The method is for one person and would cook for 10 minutes.




  • One and a half cup of toasted hazelnut cinnamon milk


  • Pinch sea salt


  • Two tablespoons of cacao powder


  • A tablespoon of cacao butter


  • Sweetener to taste (optional)


  • Ten drops of CBD oil (optional)




  • Get a small pot and place it over a stovetop at medium heat


  • Whisk in the cacao powder, sweetener, hazelnut cinnamon milk, sea salt, and the cacao butter


  • Continue stirring until the cacao butter melts


  • Remove the pot from the heat and stir in the CBD oil (if you’re using it)


  • Pour into a mug or glass and serve


CBD oil recipes

You can get many things out of CBD oil. Here are the recipes to two (2) of the predominant methods you can make out of the oil.


CBD-infused guacamole

Avocado has never been this useful. You can use it to make something thrilling out of the CBD oil. It can serve up to 10 people and can be finished in an hour. Here are recipes:




  • One clove garlic (smashed and minced)


  • Three tablespoons of cannabis oil


  • Two chopped, Roma tomatoes


  • Two juiced lime


  • 4 gram of ground cannabis


  • Four avocados (peeled, pitted, and smashed)


  • 1/3 finely chopped, C cilantro


  • One small and diced red onion




  • Preheat the oven up to 225 degrees Fahrenheit


  • Spread the ground cannabis on a cookie sheet before baking it for 45 minutes


  • Mix all other ingredients (except the cannabis) in a medium bowl


  • Stir in ground cannabis


  • You may want to integrate add-ins like sliced chiles, ground pepper, cayenne pepper, and ground sea salt.


  • Cover with plastic wrap before refrigerating for about an hour. You can then serve.


Pizza with CBD

You can make pizza out of the Cannabidiol (CBD). The recipe here can serve up to 15 people and can take close to 2 hours to finish.


You need to get the ingredients for the dough, the sauce, and the toppings. Once you’ve gathered them, you can then follow the preparations here to make the weed pizza. Otherwise, you may want to buy one from your favorite dealer(s).


Final words


It’s quite easy to make meals out of CBD oil. The steps above would help you in achieving that without hassles.


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