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Top 3 CBD Skincare Products

CBD products are becoming popular as a way to feel calm and experience other health benefits. It may come as a surprise to you, but a number of your acquaintances may already have started to use CBD products for various reasons such as skincare, to sleep better, to get muscle relief, and more.

But what is so controversial about CBD products? The main reason for this stigma is the source of CBD which is the cannabis plant. Nevertheless, CBD-based products are gaining popularity, and some of them have even acquired an FDA-approval.

CBD is fast becoming an ingredient in expensive skincare creams, serums, and gels with promises of smoothing age lines, preventing blemishes, and more, all because of its proven results.

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Are CBD skincare products safe?

It is true that the THC psychoactive compound in cannabis can make you high, but this isn’t so with CBD, which is short for cannabidiol. CBD is an excellent aid against various conditions. Aside from the cannabis plant, the CBD compound can also be legally extracted from industrial hemp.

CBD can also act as an anti-inflammatory agent, an analgesic, and an antispasmodic. Furthermore, it also helps in cell regeneration. With all these benefits and more, here are the top CBD skincare products to look out for:

1. Topical CBD-infused skin moisturizers

One of the most popular CBD skincare products is the skin moisturizer. Using CBD-infused skin moisturizers is effective against dry, irritated and aged-looking skin. At the same time, it promotes optimal skin health, vibrancy and a more youthful appearance.

When purchasing your CBD moisturizer, make sure that the CBD used is from the whole plant and not an isolate. Avoid those that contain synthetic chemicals and make sure that the product is of a 100% plant-based formula.

The product should be non-greasy to allow for excellent skin penetration. Some of these moisturizers can also have a pleasant smell. Finally, the moisturizer should perform well and safely for all types of skin.

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2. CBD sleeping masks

This is an innovative and stylish product by manufacturers which has gained many followers. A lot of CBD sleeping masks have minimalistic packaging with a simple but truthful promise to relax, soothe, and detoxify the skin. They’re meant for overnight use to repair damaged skin. Some of these masks have also infused some strong scent to make you feel more relaxed.

Again, you need to choose sleeping masks that are plant-based. They have to be CBD-infused and may also contain other types of natural brightening agents, botanicals, collagen boosters, and natural essential oils.

Make sure the mask will not leave any sticky residue. Instead, it should leave your skin feeling sealed, and more importantly, should be comfortable. Try using the sleeping mask three nights every week for about a month. Your skin should look better, with lesser red areas, and lesser inflammations than usual.

3. CBD-infused soothing lotions

Many manufacturers are now offering a wide range of soothing lotions that contain the powerful CBD ingredient. CBD-based lotions have already cornered a greater part of the market. Although these products work well, the appealing packaging and numerous influencer backings have also contributed to their success.

When applied to the skin, the CBD-infused lotion may create a cooling sensation that can eventually relax tired muscles or ease the pain in joints.

The experience can make you feel like meditating in a calming environment. As a bonus, these lotions also have anti-inflammatory properties so they can help ease the pain of sunburned skin.

CBD skin

Why are CBD skincare products highly recommended?

If you have surface skin problems or itchy spots, then try CBD skincare products as these may be very helpful for such issues. Aside from dealing with these skin problems, CBD Cannabis oils may also provide your skin with an added layer of protection which helps your skin battle against daily wear-and-tear as well as against some unwanted illnesses.

There is a going misconception that cannabis is good only for getting you high. Partly true, especially if you only consider the THC content. However, this plant, health-wise also contains all of the 21 amino acids, and are rich in essential fatty acids like Omega-6 and Omega-3.

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All these nutrients are important in our skin and internal body. The fatty acids can combat day-to-day problems where our skin is the body’s first line of defense, especially from sun exposure, inclement weather, UV, dry climates, and other factors. A deficiency of such nutrients might lead to various medical issues or conditions.

Also, as important are the antioxidants which are one of the main components in CBD oil and other CBD products. This compound is even more potent than some types of vitamins or the Omega-3 fatty acids.

One study even showed that cannabidiol or CBD along with cannabigerol or CBG might regulate cell differentiation and proliferation. This means that these compounds can be quite helpful for easing the symptoms of certain skin conditions.


The verdict on CBD skincare products

Like any other product on its initial stages, the use of CBD has shown promise but still needs a lot of tests, regulations, and studies. One problem is the inaccurate labeling of CBD products when they’re sold online because there is still no conclusive study to indicate proper dosage.

At present, CBD products are relatively hard to control because a lot of them aren’t regulated. Moreover, the ingredients in a jar may not be the ones written on its packaging since no one checks this.

As a user, you will need to do some research and homework. For sure, there are many reputable companies out there. The best way to check on a product is by simply calling the company and inquiring about their product assurances on consistency and accuracy.

Ask for the third-party test results of the product and make sure what they give you are current. After all, it is your hard-earned money. You might as well buy the best and most effective CBD skincare product. A little research will indeed go a long way.