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What is the difference between CBD oil for dogs and people?

What is the difference between CBD oil for dogs and people?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is growing in popularity because of the varied benefits it has to offer the users. From the relieve of stress and anxiety to the alleviation of some health conditions, it goes to show that the massive adoption it gets in some regions is well-informed. On top of that, the recent legislation in many countries (including the United States) where it was highly kicked against is a clue that we’re about to experience unalloyed support for the use of Cannabidiol (CBD) for both recreational and medical purposes.

One aspect that remains a mystery to some people is the possibility of using CBD oil meant for humans on dogs and vice versa. It has been a perturbing affair that the only feasible medium to unearth their potentialities is to discover the differences that exist between the two. On that note, you’re welcomed as we proceed to delve into the differences between the human and dog/pet CBD oils, and all other questions/posers that fall within the same bracket.

CBD’s Potential Benefits for Humans

For a long time, it had been claimed that Cannabidiol (CBD) doesn’t have many benefits for human health. Some of the postulations even went further to hint that continuous consumption could trigger many health problems. On the contrary, CBD has many health benefits for users. Some of these are discussed below.

The first point is that Cannabidiol (CBD) is very helpful in relieving specific health conditions. Worthy of mention is that it does that by the empowerment of the other components in marijuana that are helpful in that regard. Now, for the functionality! Naturally, the human body comprises the Endocannabinoid System (ECS), which is a specialized system that regulates many functions in the body, such as immune system response, pain, and sleep. It also leads to the production of Endocannabinoids, which combine with the neurotransmitters connected to the cannabinoid receptors located in the nervous system. It is here that CBD comes into play. Cannabidiol (CBD) interacts with the neurotransmitters and influences the Endocannabinoid receptor activities, which generally lead to the alleviation of pain, and the reduction of inflammation.

Second, Cannabidiol (CBD) has been found helpful in the reduction of symptoms that are related to specific health conditions, such as vomiting and nausea.

Third, CBD’s benefits to humans also extend to the health of the heart where it offers many benefits, such as helping in the reduction of cell death and inflammation that are responsible for health disease. CBD may also help in the decrease in blood pressure.

Other benefits of Cannabidiol (CBD) include but are not limited to the reduction of anxiety, relief for insomnia, and in reducing the symptoms of depression. CBD may also help in reducing acne.

CBD’s Potential Health Benefits for Dogs

Just like humans, pets (mostly dogs) can also benefit from the vast health benefits that come with Cannabidiol (CBD). Are you wondering if “something good can come out of CBD for your dog?” Here are some of the health benefits your dog gets to enjoy when given CBD:

Before that, let’s look at some critical factors that should be noted before proceeding with how to give a dog CBD oil. The rule of thumb is that the selection of Cannabidiol (CBD) over THC is because the later (THC) can have up to 30% of marijuana’s components, which could be toxic for dogs. That’s why the less than 0.3% THC contents of CBD make it ideal for dogs. Also, CBD is not for every pet (dog in this instance). So, you may need to liaise with your pet’s veterinarian to manage the dog’s ailments.

For the benefits of CBD oil for dogs, Cannabidiol (CBD) helps your dog in many ways, such as easing chronic and occasional conditions, such as nausea, arthritis, anxiety, digestion problems, chronic inflammation, and moderation of severe pain.

Human CBD Oil vs. Dog CBD Oil

There are a few differences between Cannabidiol (CBD) for humans and those for dogs. Comprehension of these would help pet lovers and marijuana lovers alike to learn when to draw the line between the use of the two variants to CBD oil – for humans and pets.

There’s a shocker, and you should be ready to brace for it. The shocker is that there is no difference between CBD oil for dogs and CBD oil for humans. As funny as it might sound, you should note that there’s no harm in taking your pet’s CBD oil when you’re running low on yours and vice versa.

Isn’t there a mix-up somewhere? How can I take Cannabidiol (CBD) meant for my dog? You may be asking those questions and many more. You aren’t wrong to ask them, and you wouldn’t be the last person to ask the same. However, the fact remains that CBD oil is interchangeable, and for good reasons too. CBD, generally, is non-psychoactive, which makes it ideal for consumption for both humans and pets. Besides, it offers similar reliefs and alleviations to specific medical conditions.

You may be wondering about the possibility of the mutual framework that exists in the use of CBD for both humans and pets. On that note, it’s worth pointing out that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires specific kinds of labelling of different types of consumables. Hence, human and animals foods and dietary supplements tend to have accurate labels. That postulation brought about a bit of diversity into the mix because animal nutritional supplements tend to have distinct features that set them apart. Otherwise, there’s literally “no difference in the way the CBD oils for both humans and animals are manufactured.”

Despite the apparent unification of the oils for both humans and pets, few discrepancies set them apart. Many of that is hinged on that of the animals. Because of the FDA requirements, CBD oils for dogs tend to have unique flavourings like cod liver oil for added effects and bacon.

Is CBD Oil for Human Safe for Dogs?

In light of the similarities between the CBD oils for dogs and that of humans, it may not be out of place to posit that CBD oil for a human can be used for dogs.

Technically, it’s feasible to give your pets (dogs) the same CBD oil you use. That is possible because most pets have the same endocannabinoid system; hence, dogs can take the same CBD oil as humans.

Otherwise, you may need to go for the dog-specific formulations of the oil. Interestingly, pet owners can also get the CBD oils that are specially made for dogs. These oils are not only used on different kinds of pets like cats and dogs, but can also assist in various forms, such as lowering anxiety, chronic pain, and inflammation.

Is Hemp Oil Safe for Dogs?

Thee consumption/intake of CBD oil is one side of the coin for dogs and doing the same with hemp oils is another.

Worthy of note is that dog foods are like the conventional fast foods consumed by humans, which implies that the pet (dog) foods are made explicitly for good tastes while having some nutrients in them.

Yes, hemp oil is safe for dogs. Some of the reasons are the rich composition of the fatty acids of the Omega 6 to Omega 3 ratio of 3:1. Besides that, hemp oil also doesn’t have any psychoactive effects on the dogs. It also stimulates the dog's cognitive thinking and prevents skin disorders peculiar to dogs like dandruff, dry nose, rash, and acne. Hemp oil has other positive effects on the dog’s body, including lessening shedding, moisturizing the dog’s skin and fur, while thickening the fur’s texture.

Nevertheless, you should be careful when administering it. As a rule of thumb, it’s essential to apply hemp oil for dogs in the right quantities. That would help in preventing potential side effects.

Can I Give Human CBD Oil to My Dog?

Yes, it’s possible to administer the same CBD oil for humans on dogs. You should also note that many human (CBD) oils are concentrated. Therefore, they may be some issues when considering the right dosage to give to your pet. Your dog’s veterinarian can help in that regard.

Nevertheless, there’s a need for caution when asking, “can I give my dog human CBD oil.” It’s important because of the quality of the oil matters. Also, the versatility of the oils make it feasible that can humans take pet CBD oil. Just as dogs can take human CBD oil, that is the same way that humans can take the dog's CBD oil. However, it’s essential to for the pet CBD oil that is not contaminated in any way, and which is also human grade.

Final Words

Humans and pets (especially dogs) have many things in common when it comes to Cannabidiol (CBD). From the similarity of the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) to the similarity of the components of their CBD oils, it’s clear that humans can take pet CBD oil and pets can do likewise.

Hopefully, you’ve seen the bigger picture now – there is not much difference between CBD oil for dogs and humans. So, you can solicit the help of the veterinarian to make the perfect choice of a Cannabidiol (CBD) oil for your dog.

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