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Why CBD and the Ketogenic Diet May Go Hand in Hand

Why CBD and the Ketogenic Diet May Go Hand in Hand

If you’re a fan of CBD or an avid user of the keto diet, this will be good news. In addition to your current choice for healthy consumption, there is another highly-rated consumption choice that’s been found to work just as well for you.

In recent years, the popularity of both CBD and the keto diet has grown immensely. Both their industries are expected to exceed tens of millions of dollars by the end of 2030. Both of them have also always been lauded as healthy life choices, albeit separately.

Now, as users grasp the totality of their abilities as regards improving health and providing medical alternatives, one question is gaining force. Can they be used together? Is it a smart choice? We dissect the answers below.


A Quick Run-Through: The Keto Diet

The Keto diet is one of the more popular diets to have resurfaced in these past few years, along with others such as the Paleo diet. The Keto diet caters directly to individuals looking to lose weight and ‘jack up,’ judging by its composition – low carb, high protein, and high-fat content.

The Keto diet achieves its results by forcing the body to turn to its fat reserves to generate energy for the body after depleting its carb reserves. This way, rather than depending on glucose and depositing some of it as fat all over the body, the body uses fat itself, thereby burning it from the body.

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A Quick Run-Through: CBD A Quick Run-Through: CBD

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is extracted from the cannabis plant. It directly takes on the cannabis plant’s uses, which have included recreation and medical alleviation issues, starting from as way back as the early-man age.

CBD is the cleaner version of the cannabis plant; that is, it’s sans the THC compound, which is known for its psychoactive effects on users, commonly known as a ‘high.’ This partly explains its growing popularity among users – it can be consumed without the expectation of getting high.  

Users can now consume it as CBD oil, CBD powder, or even bake it into bread for easier consumption. CBD has also been found by users (although some claims are yet to be confirmed) to alleviate chronic bodily pain, clear the mind, ease stress, trigger sleep for chronic insomnia among others.

Considering this, plus the fact that when legally made, CBD poses no risk of hangovers or positive drug tests and comes with manageable side effects (red eyes, diarrhea), it’s easy to see why it’s tripling in popularity every single day.

So, can they work together? Let’s explore further.


Why CBD and the Keto diet may be a good match for you

It’s hard not to wish the two consumption choices were already in joint use, seeing as they are both already both popular and have been proven (to a certain degree) to be highly beneficial for the body.

A good number of users, including some experts, have tried combining the two, and most have registered promising results. This leads to the question: is it ideal to use them both? To an extended level, yes, it is. Here is why.

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They’re both very healthy choices

One of the things both the keto diet and CBD have in common is that neither has been singled out yet as being characteristically unhealthy or bad for the body.

They’re both highly natural options, and free from compounds and substances that would otherwise pose a risk to consumers or cause damage when used together, such as THC in CBD and carb sources in the keto diet. In other words, consuming them is good for the body, and even better when consumed together.

Both of them are undoubtedly highly beneficial to the body, individually

CBD has been found to alleviate ailments such as chronic pain, stress, anxiety, and other unconfirmed illnesses. Some users claim that CBD was the only medical choice that worked, even beating prescribed medication to the task.

The keto diet is equally credited by users. Most say it is one of the easiest diets to stick to because of its unique nature (high fat, low carb), and it has been found to have the highest positive results for weight loss.

Some users credit it for boosting their brain power and reverting the side effects of high sugar consumption, such as lack of focus and lethargy. There’s no doubt that both of them are useful enough to the body, and that they can continue working as well even when combined.

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They do not inhibit each other’s actions in the body

From the few users of both CBD and the keto diet that have shared their experiences, there is no inhibition of action between the two choices when used together, so there’s nothing to worry about. Rather than inhibit, they seem to complement each other, boosting the body in different areas at once.

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They are both affordable options to expensive problems

The average cost of treating certain ailments, such as chronic pain and anxiety is only growing higher, thanks to expensive drugs, especially for non-insured patients. The lack of legal alternatives has resulted in the global opioid crisis, which has hit regions like the United States the hardest.

The same can be said for the global obesity problem, which has triggered the creation of expensive weight loss programs (special diets and surgeries) that some people can’t afford. CBD and the keto diet swoop in as alternatives that are both easily accessible and more affordable, and most importantly, healthy. Why not use them together?

Concluding thoughts

From above, it’s easy to see why some users are already promoting the combination of CBD and the keto diet. And the best part – they are both easy to start on. You can also start using both today without much restriction. Just make sure you use only legally prescribed CBD to avoid the contaminated versions that lead to positive drug tests and other problems.

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